Project Description

MSB(Microservices Bus) is an ONAP project that provides key infrastructure functionalities to support ONAP Microservice Architecture(OMSA), which includes:

  • Provides RESTFul API for service registration/discovery
  • Provides Java SDK for service registration, discovery and inter-services communication
  • Provides a transparent service registration proxy with OOM-Kube2MSB
  • Provides a transparent service communication proxy which handles service discovery, load balancing, routing, failure handling, and visibility by Internal API Gateway(Current implementation) and Mesh sidecar(WIP)
  • Provides an External API Gateway to expose ONAP services to the outside world
  • Provides Swagger SDK, which helps to auto-generate the language specific clients for a given ONAP micro-service and release them into nexus repository.

Contributing to MSB

Getting Started: Start with Getting Involved to join the LF and set up your ONAP development environment.  MSB repos can be checked out using ONAP gerrit: MSB in ONAP Gerrit

Feedback: You can provide feedback on the onap-discuss list, sign up here: ONAP Discuss List

Bug reportsMSB Jira

Contributing to MSB: Instructions on how to set up Gerrit is here: Configuring Gerrit.  Please join the onap-discuss list or attend MSB's weekly meetings for information on how you can help. 

Development Policies, Standards, and Coding

Approved Project Proposal

Release Planning

Beijing Release

Amsterdam Release

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