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OBSOLETE, all requirements were moved to Merged list of R2 functional requirement candidates 

R1 missing Platform capabilities

  • Residential vCPE Multi-cloud support 

  • Support real-world service design in SDC with standard based TOSCA model

  • Unify all design tools (DG, Policy, DCAE Template, CLAMP, Holmes, A&AI schema, etc) and make them as integral part of service design

  • VNF image management

  • DNS name configuration

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  1. Would adding the capability for a unification of runtime dashboards for monitoring/updating the platform. e.g. Alarm/KPI monitoring, Control Loop monitoring, runtime Policy updating, etc. be appropriate?

    1. Pamela, I definitely believe so. Please add it under missing Platform capabilities with the functionality description.

  2. The Homing and Allocation Service (HAS), a platform capability that enables choosing an optimal MultiCloud instance for ONAP components/VNFs is planned to be one of the first deliverables for the ONAP-Optimization Framework project in R2. More details will be updated as they are finalized, on release planning page of the project (Optimization Framework Project)