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Recognizing the contributions of your peers to the success in delivering this ONAP release!

Nominations come from the community unless otherwise noted in the description. The TSC will then votes on the nominees.

Nominations open through:  
TSC Voting Closes:


Top Achievement Award 

Presented to the individual whose exemplary behavior, spirit and contributions during this release cycle have played a pivotal role in:

  • the success and timely delivery of this ONAP release
  • the growth and/or maintenance of a thriving global community and ecosystem
  • fostering cooperation and collaboration which crosses multiple technical, organizational, political and geographic boundaries
Nominated CandidateReason for Nomination

Stephen is truly one of the unsung heroes of ONAP. He has been an anchor member of the community since the beginning, but works behind the scenes for the most part.  A lot of folks aren't even aware of  the importance of his contributions to the community.  You won't see a lot of measurable criteria associated with what he does as his activity is usually managed via support systems that are not part of the LFX Insights system.  Steven has been instrumental in setting up and maintaining the original Intel/Wind River lab. He has now continued to provide remote sysadmin support for the ONAP UNH Lab following the migration to it.  This is a long overdue recognition of his efforts and contributions to making ONAP a success.

Citizenship Award 

Presented to the individual who has provided the highest level of personal assistance in the form of leadership, education, mentorship, testing/development/debugging, document creation/review or similar direct and indirect support activities for the ONAP community across multiple projects, committees or initiatives. 

Nominated CandidateReason for Nomination

Fiachra stepped in to support the OOM project and helped pull together a community of developers to self-organise and keep OOM running without a PTL. He was very active working on OOM gating issues as they came up, and helped keep ONAP deployments running for the people dependent on it. This contribution involved actively participating in the weekly OOM meetings, Jira management at those meetings, helping to repair the automated verification and gating jobs when they went down and improving documentation. He also willingly took a position as a committer in the project. He has also committed multiple important patches in OOM for DMAAP and Strimzi integration, solving issues and working on removing dependencies for these projects.  This was a great contribution to the ONAP community as this is a central function in the project.       

All this while doing his day job as PTL for DMAAP, another important central function within the project.

Sourabh Sharma and CPS team for contributing to ‘general logging’ (Best Practice) guidelines followed up by a PoC and a definite implementation (first in ONAP) now used as a template for other projects
( for details)

During the Jakarta Release, the ONAP Community had to overcome some major challenges.
The OOM/Integration Projects lost their Project Technical Leaders before the sign-off of the release.

Andreas, already known for his voluntarism, took over the remaining tasks for the projects, ensuring through his leadership 
that the quality criteria of our ONAP release were met as expected.

In addition, Andreas's focus is always to operationalize ONAP to be used in production environment, 
sharing his Service Provider's expertise at any opportunity. 

S3P Improvements 

Presented to the project which has made the most significant progress improving their own project's stability, security, scalability and performance deliverables, serving as a model for other ONAP projects to follow in this area.

Nominated CandidateReason for Nomination
Configuration Persistence Service Project (CPS)

For proposing to use SonarQube quality verification at code verification stage for each commit instead of after merge (too late!). CPS Team worked with ONAP IT to PoC this process and make it reality in Jakarta timeframe.
This improvement means that many security, performance and test coverage issues are caught at an early stage and are prevented from contaminating the master branch. This option is now available for any ONAP java project.

ONAP Demonstration Award(s) 

NOTE: Opt-in contest open to any ONAP community members. ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED HERE.  The TSC will then select up to 3 of their favorite demos from those submitted to receive an award 

Automation Testing & Test Coverage Award(s)

NOTE: Hand chosen by TSC members- Presented based on the TSC's evaluation and assessment of the impact an individual's contributions has had upon ONAP testing and test automation efforts.  

Toine Siebelink  (PTL) and CPS Team for maintaining (over several releases now) the best-class- quality measurements on all CPS Repositories e.g. >97% test cover coverage, 0 bugs, security or vulnerabilities. See

Michał Jagiełło - based upon LFX Insights data

Krzysztof Kuzmicki - based upon LFX Insights data

Morgan Richomme - based upon LFX Insights data

Metrics Derived Awards

Code Development Award 

NOTE: Derived exclusively from LFX Insights Data -Automatically awarded to the Top-3 contributors of merged code as measured between M1 and the Sign-off dates. 

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