Architecture Changes since Beijing 

New optimizing applications built reusing components in Beijing Architecture

  • PCI optimizer (POC for 5G use case)
  • Change Management Schedule Optimizer (CM use case)
  • Route Optimizer (CCVPN use case)

New Features provided  

  • HPA enhancements: streaming telemetry about HPA resource availability, SRIOV support
  • Homing enhancements: improving deployability of workloads
    • Homing multiple simultaneous instances of the service: queueing homing requests based on discovering dependency on shared resources
    • Cloud-agnostic intent-driven cloud-capabilityavoids exposing cloud specific capabilities to several ONAP components and addressing separation of concerns.

OOF Dependency graph

S3P Updates CII Best Practices

OOF repos in R3

  • optf/cmso 
  • optf/has
  • optf/osdf

IM/DM Alignment

  • Service and Resource Info, from: AAI
  • HPA Flavors/Capabilities/CapacityInfo, from : AAI
  • Policy Models (homing, PCI) from: Policy
  • Infrastructure Metrics Info (capacity), from: MultiCloud
  • Cloud agnostic Intent Info, from: MultiCloud
  • PCI configuration data(not yet part of SDC model)

New APIs

API enhancements

  • OOF/HAS API Specifications
    • return HPA and intent directives along with homing recommendations, to SO
    • cloud-agnostic intent evaluation API, from MultiCloud 

Provided/Consumed Interfaces


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