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This is a parent page for individual meeting minutes pages (Links to individual meeting pages has been moved to the parent page: Project Resources Page; content included here for convenience).

Content from Project Resources Page:

Meeting Summaries

Weekly Meetings for R2 Release Work (till code freeze; Q1 2018)

OOF-2018-02-12 Meeting Notes

OOF-2018-02-19 Meeting Notes

OOF-2018-02-26 Meeting Notes

OOF-2018-03-05 Meeting Notes

OOF-2018-03-12 Meeting Notes

OOF-2018-03-19 Meeting Notes

OOF-2018-03-26 Meeting Notes

Additional Meetings (e.g. Functional Testing Meetings, etc., for R2 Release Work – till code freeze; Q1 2018)

OOF-Functional Testing-2018-03-07

Contributor Survey

Since the OOF project is a new project for Beijing Release and we have a reasonably sized team from different countries with different expertise, it helps to have information on what members’ areas of interests are (expertise, specific domains, types of tasks, roles, etc.), the timeframes they are looking at (for Beijing, beyond Beijing, etc.), and also rough estimates on how much effort (be in terms of time or tasks) they would like to contribute. Clearly these are only rough estimates, non-binding, and contributors may do much more or much less during specific releases or sprints.

The quiz is a two minute effort, with the questions as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Contact info
  3. Primary contribution roles (Dev, Proj management, Documentation/testing, infrastructure, use cases, models, research, demos)
  4. How much time do you anticipate to contribute for Beijing (no tasks – only ideas/discussions, one or two tasks, a few tasks, many tasks)
  5. What technical aspects interest you (Python, Scripting/build, Data processing, Optimization models, APIs/schemas, etc.)
  6. What times are convenient for you for OOF meeting?

We can use these data, to figure out who would be a likely candidate to ask for help first (a variation of the "resource placement optimization problem"). These data are useful to even figure out what times are good to schedule a phone call.

The link for the survey is here: It is very short, with six questions, three of which are related to contact info and available times; and takes about one to five minutes. 

For your convenience, a PDF version of the survey is attached so that you can see the whole survey before starting to fill it.

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