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The following items are expected to be completed for the project to Pass the M2 Functionality Freeze Milestone.

M2 Release Functionality Freeze Milestone definition.


  1. Use the "Copy" and "Move" options (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.
  2. Fill out the Yes/No column
  3. Provide link to evidence (when necessary)
Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidence - CommentHow to?
Product Management

Are all provisional APIs interface (stub) been defined (at beta-quality level)? 


OOM Provides no APIs

Is there a final list of externally consumable APIs available?N/AProvide link to evidenceOOM Provides no APIs

For all completed Sprints, have Sprint Backlog Stories been marked as "Done" in Jira?


Project Backlog

Sprint Planning Board

Difference between a Product and Sprint Backlog

Are all tasks associated with the completed Sprint Backlog Stories been marked as "Done" in Jira?


If applicable to your project, has your team been able to clear the project' blockers? If not provide status on the plan to close the blocker(s).YesJuly Virtual Developers Event BlockersLink to blockers. - OOM is in the closed list
What new features or changes to existing features in this project scope need to be communicated to VNF Providers? List the changes in the Evidence tab.None

If yes to the previous question, have these been communicated to the VNF Requirements project? N/A

Release Management

Have all source code files been updated with License Apache 2 header?UnderwaySee OOM-677Specific rules and instruction are available in ONAP wiki.
Has the year format in copyright header of all source code files been updated? (Rules for new files created in 2018 and existing files modified in 2018 are different)NA
Guidance on year format
In case source code can't be edited, has a "License.txt" file been placed at the root directory for which the license is applicable?YesOOM Global License FileGuidance for source code file that can't be edited
(a) Has the Project Team added appropriate license and copyright notices to all ONAP source code and documentation files, where possible for the particular file format?UnderwaySee OOM-677
(b) Has the Project Team reviewed and understood the most recent license scan reports from the LF, for both (a) licenses within the codebase and (b) licenses for third-party build time dependencies?YesNo violations see report
For both (a) and (b) questions, have all high priority non-Project Licenses been either removed, planned for removal before code freeze, or escalated as likely exception requests?Yes

Have all API projects dependencies been captured?

N/AProvide link to the "API Incoming Dependency" section within your project M1 Release Planning deliverable.The source of information for the API dependency is the "API Incoming Dependency" of the M1 Release Planning deliverable. Please update the source accordingly, and let The Release Manager aware of the changes.
DevelopmentFor new projects approved for this release, have all defined repositories source code been placed into Gerrit?N/A

Has the project team reach the Automated Unit Test Code Coverage expectation? (Refer to artifacts available in Sonar)N/A

Is there any binaries (jar, war, tar, gz, gzip, zip files) in Gerrit project repository?No
Refer to CI Development Best Practices
Could you ensure that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, company name, etc. have been removed? All ONAP deliverables must comply with this rule and be agnostic of any proprietary symbols.UnderwayThe cloudify-onap directory will be removed.
Is there any pending commit request older than 36 business hours in Gerrit?YesSee searchSeveral of these need to be abandoned
Have all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed (Merge-Jobs)?NoSee here for the sonar job that fails due to lack of support for the language go. All others pass.

Are all snapshot binaries available in Nexus?N/AProvide link to evidence in Nexus project folder
Integration and Testing  Have functional test cases been documented in wiki?YesAuto Continuous Deployment via Jenkins and Kibana
Have you implemented in Jenkins at least 1 functional test case for each of the project repository?YesOOM CD Jenkins Job

As an example (provided by Integration Team)

Has the project code successfully passed the Build process?N/A

Goal is to ensure your project latest commits have not broken the build.

DocumentationHas the team identified and outlined the set of documentations to be delivered in this Release?YesOOM Beijing Scope