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Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidencesHow to?

Has the Project team reviewed the APIs with the Architecture Committee (ARC)?Yes

Architecture walkthrough to understand how each project contributes on Release Use Case. ARC to organize the walkthrough.

Is there a plan to address the findings the API review?N/ANo APIsThe plan could be as simple as a Jira issue to track the implementation of findings or a documented plan within the wiki.
Does the team clearly understand that no changes in the API definition is allowed without formal TSC review and approval?YesN/AIn the case some changes are necessary, bring the request to the TSC for review and approval.

Is there any changes in the scope, functionalities, deliverable, dependency, resources, API, repositories since M1 milestone?

NoThe OOM has been working with the project teams to integrate them into OOM as described @ M1.Critical point to understand is that change is inevitable, and that right timing and clear communication to the community will ease the process of accepting changes.
Provide link to the API Documentation.N/A

Release ManagementAre committed Sprint Backlog Stories been marked as "Done" in Jira board?No

See our Epic Report and Sprint Planning Board

Are all tasks associated with Sprint Backlog Stories been marked as "Done" in Jira?No

Have all findings from previous milestones been addressed?OngoingLicense headers being added to all files, see See OOM-677
DevelopmentHas the project team reach the Automated Unit Test Code Coverage expectation? (Refer to artifacts available in Sonar)N/AGoal: 50% for Incubation project in BeijingGuidance on Code Coverage and Static Code Analysis

Tools: Sonar

Is there any pending commit request older than 36 Business hours in Gerrit?
See search

Do you have a plan to address by M4 the Critical  vulnerabilities in the third party libraries used within your project?

N/ANo violations see reportEnsure by M4 the Nexus-IQ report from “Jenkins CLM” shows 0 critical security vulnerability. Open the Nexus-IQ report for the details on each repo.
Are all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed ( Merge-Jobs)?N/A

Are all binaries available in Nexus?Stretch goal for R2

Integration and Testing

Have 50 % of System Integration Testing Use Cases been implemented successfully in Jenkins?

N/AOOM is used for CD - see: Auto Continuous Deployment via Jenkins and Kibana
Has the project code successfully passed the Daily Build process?N/A

OOM is used for CD - see: Auto Continuous Deployment via Jenkins and Kibana

Goal is to ensure the latest project commit has not broken the Integration Daily Build