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  • JIRA board -
  • Alexis has fixed the Designate - dynamic Kubernetes port issue - looking at Designate in OOM as an IDEA/POC =  OOM-508 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Shay: Tosca and Kubernetes - for hybrid Infrastructure support (non-containerized/containerized/VMs/Kubernetes) environments - epic:  INT-371 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Borislav: release-1.1.0 is the real branch - documentation requested "Amsterdam" but it is older - fix done by Alexis - don't use release-1.1.0
  • change done at 1030:20171220 - mail sent out - friday we will remove the release-1.1.0 branch -
  • Massive review of all release-1.1.0 doc/content -  OOM-529 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • all devs use only "amsterdam" - you can still cherry pick until friday.
  •  The plan agreed to by the TSC was to switch branches just before the Beijing release - but we decided to do the switch now to avoid confusion on the two branches.
        Alexis De Talhouet did the change and all the cherry picks for us in the meeting today - thank you very much.
        We will transition any documentation/wiki/Jenkins jobs... that are currently on release-1.1.0
        Migration plan:
        For developers that have a current oom:release-1.1.0 branch checked out with changes - you are OK to continue working on this until Friday - at which point we will remove the older release-1.1.0 branch.
        You have several options
    1)      Push your current changes and cherry pick to the Amsterdam branch in gerrit today
    2)      Stash and retrofit your changes to a new Amsterdam branch pull
    3)      On Friday any outstanding gerrit review against release-1.1.0 will be cherry picked and abandoned
    Let us know of any issues - or if we missed anything.
    The CD job has been switched to /home/ubuntu/ -b Amsterdam
    The new Amsterdam builds start at 904

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