ONAP Project License

ONAP is an open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation addressing an ecosystem of communications carriers/operators, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, integrators, cloud services providers and other interested organizations and developers. The ONAP project has chosen Apache 2.0 as its primary/top-level license, meaning that

  • the majority of the ONAP code base is published under that license
  • new code should be contributed under Apache 2.0 and/or known compatible licenses.  See Copyrights and License Declarations for instructions on approved declaration language and format.

The Apache license was chosen for its flexibility, interoperability, its "commercial friendly" terms, and for the substantial portfolio of Related Open Source Projects and Components also licensed under Apache 2.0 and compatible licenses.

Developers wishing to include / reference code published under licenses known to be incompatible with Apache 2.0 will need explicit approval from the ONAP Technical Steering Committee.

ONAP Documentation License

ONAP documentation, including this Wiki and referenced documents (manuals, slide decks, etc.) are licensed under the Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.  See Copyrights and License Declarations on this Wiki for instructions for using this license and example license and copyright declaration notices.