WARNING: The Orange Openlab is no more available.

The recommended community lab is the Azure lab.

The ONAP Orange OpenLab is officially open since February 14th. It is a community lab, i.e. a stable environment (not a CI production lab on which ONAP could be daily automatically deployed).

The lab is physically located in Lannion in Brittany (France).

Lab History

1/09/2021END of SUPPORT


Honolulu update


Guilin release+ Upgrade Openstack in Victoria
23/07/2020Maintenance release Frankfurt
12/06/2020Beta Frankfurt
11/12/2019El Altoreinstallation kubespray + ONAP only
28/06/2019Dublinreinstallation kubespray + ONAP only
07/02/2019Casablanca Maintenance releasereinstallation rancher + ONAP only
07/01/2019Casablanca R1OOM on Openstack Rocky (+ keystone wrapper) + Rancher
04/09/2018Beijing 2.0.0-ONAPOOM on Openstack Queens (keystone wrapper needed) + Rancher
14/02/2018Amsterdam R1heat based installer on OpenStack Pike

Openlab description


Physical description


So concretely we have more than 1000 vCPUs available on the system but all the resources are not fully allocated to the openlab. Some are used for Gating and daily chains.

ONAP POD deployed using XCI baremetal scripts (https://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/#/q/status:open+project:releng-xci+branch:master+topic:stabilization) based on OPNFV pdf and idf files.

Software installation

The Installation of the Infrastructure levergaes Bifrost & Kolla.

OpenStack version: Queen HA.

Note: on this Lab, an OOM-based installation is also available, and an Ansible-based deployment is in progress, but out of scope of the OpenLab for the moment.

Who can access?

  • Any ONAP contributor (test, integration, VNF onboarding,..) can ask for an access
  • Orange can revoke the access if resources are used in an unappropriate way


How to access?

Send a mail to onap-openlab@list.orange.com with:

  • Name
  • Company/university
  • Nature of the work you want to do on ONAP
  • Public ssh key
  • Start and end date

Once moderated, you will receive a mail with all the relevant information to connect to the  OpenLab

Hello XXX,

your account on ONAP Orange OpenLab is now created, you can access
the platform using ssh from a public access or going through your
company proxy.

SSH parameters:

  user: XXX
  authentication: use the ssh key you provided to us.

ssh xxx@onap.pod4.opnfv.fr

Please take a look to the README file once connected, it contains all
information required to connect to web interfaces and API. We will
keep it updated with all changed url, login and passwords.

Best regards

Orange ONAP team

User will be automatically revoked at the end date.

Once connected you shall see 2 files:

  • openstack_openrc

The README file includes the different ONAP endpoints.

How to connect to OpenLAB for Windows users once your account has been created:Connection to OpenLab for Windows users.pdf


14/05/2018 - ONAP University: ONAP Orange Open Lab slide deck, code

26/10/2018 - ONS Summit Europe. Orange OpenLab: a full automated tecoc stack for the community: slide deck

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