This page describes the changes that will be made to REST API's exposed by PAP (Policy Administration Component) in Istanbul release of ONAP.

POLICY-2899 : Add new api's to fetch audit information details of deploy/undeploy operations

Until Honolulu release, there are no audit records kept in policy framework for the various operations performed via PAP. Which results into difficulty in tracing "what happened when" specially in pre-production and production environments shared by multiple users. Thereby leading to downtime of policies.

Hence, there is a need to add new database table to store the audit information and add new api's in PAP to fetch the audit information being stored to database. 

Proposed Solution

The first implementation will focus on deploy & undeploy actions, with a future proof solution for adding create & delete actions to it later. 

POLICY-2896 Improve consolidated health check to include dependencies

Improve the consolidated health check API in PAP to also include the health check of dependencies - PolicyDB, DMaaP.

So that by running the consolidated heath check a user can determine if Policy Framework components and the related runtime dependencies are working fine.

Proposed Solution

Change the following API to include the health check for PolicyDB & DMaaP in the returned response:

  1. Consolidated health check -
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