POMBA (Post Orchestration Model Based Audit) is an Event-driven auditing platform that tests the data integrity across NFV orchestration environment and NFV infrastructure using model driven approach. In short, POMBA provides an ONAP audit and reports on any data integrity issues found. See also  Introduction to POMBA

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  1. POMBA is currently a child page of Logging Enhancements Project is this right or should it be a child of All Approved Projects?

    1. According to Frequently Asked Questions:

      Where in ONAP is the POMBA working being done?
      1. The bulk of the work will be done in the Logging project.  The architecture committee has Oked this and the scope change is now in front of the TSC for voting. 

      Also, the bulk of "POMBA" related JIRA cases are in the LOG project: https://jira.onap.org/issues/?jql=text~"pomba"

      1. POMBA is a sub project of Logging.

        Note we use a label/tag in our Jira called POMBA. At least for Stories and Epics. That helps filter.