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This is a potential draft of a project proposal template.  It is not final or to be used until the TSC approves it.

Link to Project Proposal training materials

Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: projectname

Project description:

  • Provide high level description of intended project and intended use case(s) and benefit, if needed.


  • Describe the functionality to be provided by the project.  Please provide the full intended scope of the project; not just what is intended for the project's first release.
  • Specify any interface/API specification proposed,
  • Identity a list of features and functionality will be developed.
  • Identify what is in or out of scope. During the development phase, it helps reduce discussion.

Architecture Aspects:

    • How does this project fit into the rest of the ONAP Architecture?
    • Please Include architecture diagram if possible
    • What other ONAP projects does this project depend on?
    • (Grey out the other components so that your component is highlighted)
  • How does this align with external standards/specifications?
    • APIs/Interfaces
    • Information/data models
  • Are there dependencies with other open source projects?
    • APIs/Interfaces
    • Integration Testing
    • etc.

Other Information:

  • link to seed code (if applicable)
  • Vendor Neutral
    • if the proposal is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, have you ensured that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc., have been removed?
  • Meets Board policy (including IPR)

Use the above information to create a key project facts section on your project page

Key Project Facts:



PTL (first and last name)
Jira Project Name
Jira Key
Project ID
Link to Wiki Space

Release Components Name:

Note: refer to existing project for details on how to fill out this table

Components Name

Components Repository name

Maven Group ID

Components Description


Resources committed to the Release:

Note 1: No more than 5 committers per project. Balance the committers list and avoid members representing only one company. Ensure there is at least 3 companies supporting your proposal.

Note 2: It is critical to complete all the information requested, that will help to fast forward the onboarding process.


First Name Last Name

Linux Foundation ID

Email Address