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Today the ONAP community was assaulted by racist outsiders spewing their hatred.   This page is a place for the community to share how this impacted them and work together towards unity, diversity and inclusion.

Kenny Paul After ending the call and sending a hastily composed apology email I sat on the floor and cried for about 10 minutes, then I went and threw up. There is no place for this kind of evil in my life and I cherish what this global community represents and the importance of what we are all doing to tear down the artificial barriers between geographies and governments and work for the common good of all.


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  1. FWIW - I believe the attacker was not specifically targeting our community, our values and/or specific individuals. Looks more like they found a vulnerability and exploited it.

    1. Yes,  agree with Ranny Haiby I even felt that it is some kind of automated voice.

      It was first time I experienced it.  I searched in Internet. It looks like this is exploited in many zoom calls. Looks like two ways are suggested to overcome this:

      • Create new password for every zoom call and share it just a day before.
      • Go for virtual lobby admission.

      But,  both the options are burden on the administrator.

  2. I was not on the ONAP call yesterday. But it is unnerving to hear about an attack on our community, even if it was an opportunistic attack and not a targeted one.  

    I was on another project call some months ago before passcodes were implemented. We had a zoombomber who came and tried to scribble hatred on the screen (an attack now foiled by disabled attendees ability to annotate during a meeting.)

    The LF team has made improvements to keep our meeting access limited to just the real community members.  But clearly there is more to be done.  Small steps as mentioned will help. And while I agree that using a virtual lobby that a host must grant admittance is an extra laborious step, perhaps it's what is required to keep our community safe while maintaining our open dialogue.