Use case proposal: 5G- RAN deployment, Slicing, SON

Use Case:Enterprise vCPE --potential R1 use cases’ extension

Use Case proposal: ONAP Change Management

Use Case: SD-WAN

Use Case Proposal: Scale Out

Use case proposal: Centralised Parser Distribution

Use Case Proposal:

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  1. Thanks, Alla. Suggest we consider following use cases :

    1. Enterprise vCPE with integration with upstream BSS/Ordering system. [Note : we need to showcase as to how ONAP works with TMF Open APIs and also would be good to showcase Microservice Bus to accommodate existing BSS/OSS eco-system]
    2. Consider one umbrella MPLS-VPN connectivity for Enterprise customer (something like BIS) as a Product and show how ONAP provides modularity and reusability at product component level.
      1. i. E.g. L2VPN : ELAN Port Based, ELAN VLAN Based, ELINE Port Based, ELINE VLAN Based.
      2. L3VPN
      3. Priority L2VPN (with QoS)
      4. Priority L3VPN (with QoS)
    3. Let us realize any of the use case for R2 such as VoLTE, SDWAN etc by having 2 or more VNFs residing across hybrid Telco Cloud e.g. one VNF on Mirantis Openstack and others on vanilla Opensack/VMWare etc. [Note : This will help us elucidate Multi-VIM support]