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Releases should be requested to LF Releng team via which will generate an RT ticket and place it in the queue.

Few things to consider:

  • RT tickets do not have a priority numbering. 
  • RT requests are addressed as they come into the queue
  • Tickets placed with a "Release" word on the title take precedence against any other requests
  • Tickets regarding servers failing, will always be production stopper priority over releases requests.
  • Currently, tickets are addressed on 2 time zones: Jessica (PT time), Bengt (AEDT time)
  • If any request is urgent please add "URGENT" in the title. (Please do not miss use this (wink) )
  • Releases cannot be overwritten/removed.  If this is still something the PTL wants to do,  will need to have a TSC approval.
  • For Maven releases (Nexus2), LF can only make releases from staging artifacts not snapshots.

To avoid back and forth on releases requests. The requests MUST HAVE the following info:

  • PTL approval (if the request is being submitted by anyone outside the approved committer groups for that component)
  • Artifact to be released:  Maven and/or Docker (This helps making sure we release the right thing as we have jobs building both Docker and Jars at the same time)
  • Explicit version number being intended to be released (This helps a lot to catch discrepancies between that the team wants to release and what Jenkins actually built)
  • Jenkins job link with build number (We need the exact build number to get a reference of the revision that was used to build so that we can tag the repo)

Once a release is addressed by LF, a signed tag will also be pushed into the repo which will point to the revision used to build the artifact.

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