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  1. Increase version of poms and inside project.
  2. Merge code and run please release in gerrit to create new version of jars and images in nexus.
  3. Find the the last run for each of the following jenkins builds (for both Maven and Docker artifacts) that was on the version you want to release:
    1. <component>-master-docker-java-shell-daily
    2. <component>-master-release-version-java-daily
  4. Email with approval from PTL asking to release the version of those Jenkins jobs, so if job number 78 had the correct version then link those jobs
  5. Update version manifest files in integration repo to use newest versions. Files to update are
    1. integration/version-mainfest/src/main/resources/docker-mainfest.csv
    2. integration/version-mainfest/src/main/resources/docker-manifest-staging.csv
    3. integration/version-mainfest/src/main/resources/java-mainfest.csv
  6. Update the helm charts in OOM to point to newest versions of relevant projects.


To ensure promptly completion en releasing the Maven Artifacts and the Docker Artifacts you may want to use this table.


  1. For step 5, is it no longer necessary to update docker-manifest-staging.csv?

    1. Yes it is still necessary, making update to that now