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REQCasablanca RequirementService Provider RequestingOwner
1ETSI NFV standards compliancy (SOL001, SOL003) for VNF onboarding and Or-Vnfm, VNF license, VNF CertificationVerizon, TELUS, Turk Telecom, Orange (P2)SDC, VNFSDK
2Centralized Representation and Consistent Identification of Cloud Regions in ONAP AT&T, Bell Canada, Orange (P1)VID, SO, SDNC, DCAE, DMAAP,
3Change management enhancements AT&T, Bell Canada, Orange (P1)Part Functional Requirements
4VNF Scaling EnhancementsAT&T, China Mobile, Orange (P2)?
55G Foundations (PNF support, Edge Automation, Optimizations, Network slicing) Note: PNF support is widely requested by the majority of Service ProvidersAT&T, Swisscom, Verizon, Orange , Orange (P1)Part Functional Requirements
6Geo-redundancy, high availability for Network Services/ONAP deployment AT&T, TELUS, Verizon, Orange (P1)Part of S3P Non Functional Requirements
7OSAM- Open Source Access ManagementAT&T, Turk Telecom, Swisscom, Orange (P2)Use case
8OOM enhancements for light weight/easy to install platformBell Canada, TELUS, Orange (P2)OOM project
9Roles Based Access RBAC for deployment dashboard Verizon, TELUS, Orange (P1)AAF project
10Declarative model based orchestration Verizon, Orange (P2)SDC, SO
11Enterprise vCPEChina Telecom, Orange (P1)Use case
12External API Project development for a full integration of ONAP with BSS/OSS layersTurk Telecom, Orange (P1)External Api Project
13License ManagementOrange (P2)?
14Cloud native VNF supportOrange (P2)MultiVim, SDC, AAI
15Audit tools to check VNF configurationOrange (P1)Use Case tool?
16Best level of modularityOrange (P1), VodafonePart of S3P Non Functional Requirements

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