attached below is the AID for the SDC distributionn client.

the distribution client is a utility provided by SDC to allow distribution of the SDC artifacts to the different components using the Dmaap.



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  1. Hello, what means "AID" ?

  2. Architecture integration document (smile)

    1. Hey Michael Lando,

      Did you upload a nono-pdf version of this document? I have some issues to read it (maybe the font that was used)

      1. Beijing AID is word document. But, I also had similar issues. But, if you download it and open via Microsoft word, it is readable.

  3. Victor Morales and Shashank Kumar Shankar are planning to work on Multi-Cloud K8S plugin. It is planning to be developed in golang.  This plugin expected to receive artifacts. Hence, planning to implement logic in this plugin

    • To register to SDC.
    • To get notified by any new artifact, modifications, deletection etc...
    • Download artifact if it is relevant.
    • Unregister

    Is the above document (Beijing AID) good enough to implement logic in golang?  It appears that there are HTTP(S) request to register/deregister/download etc.., but how does one get notified?  If you could give any guidance, that would be of great help.

  4. Srinivasa Addepalli this document implies that your are using the sdc distribution client to mange the end point of the notifications.

    in case you are not using jave you will need to implement the logic your self.

    this includes subscribing to the sdc dmaap topic and sending notifications about the downloaded artifacts.

  5. Hi Michael Lando 

    Can we use Bearer Auth token (customized auth token we are fetching from another api call) instead of Basic Auth Token in the Headers ?