SDN-R is an approved ONAP project as subproject to ONAP SDNC. The SDN-R project enhances SDNC by adding functions for wireless technologies. Technologies with Radio interfaces. The 'R' of SDN-R refers to the radio (or ROADM, or Router).

The SDN-R project implements open and preferred standardized APIs to control and manage physical and virtual network functions. Therefore, the SDN-R project is influenced by architectures and APIs defined by O-RAN alliance and ONF OTCC 5G-xHaul.

The term SDN-R is often used as ONAP SDN controller instance for radio technologies, such as radio access networks (RAN), distributed antenna systems (DAS) and wireless transport (WT). In this more technical interpretation of SDN-R, SDN-R is an SDNC/CCSDK/OpenDaylight/Apache Karaf implementations of an SDN controller with radio technology specific microservices and applications implemented as OSGi bundles.

SDN-R is the basis for the O1 controller described within the Open RAN Alliance (

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  1.  ONF OTCC wireless transport gives "The page you were trying to reach could not be found: it may have been renamed or moved to another space, or the name you requested may be incomplete."

    1. Thanks - indeed the project was renamed to "5G-xHaul".