• DMAAP listener : used to listen for event notifications from DMaaP. 
      •   For Amsterdam release, the vCPE use case posts a notification to DMAAP that alerts SDNC when a BRG receives an IP from DHCP.  The DMaap listener then will invoke the GENERIC-RESOURCE-API to set up a WAN connection for that BRG.
      • For Beijing release, SDN-C will also subscribe to an additional topic on DMaaP to receive LCM events, which will in turn invoke the LCM API.
    • New for Beijing release:
      • LCM (Lifecycle Management) API - used in Change Management and Manual Scale Out functional requirements to allow SDNC to process lifecycle events for L1-L3 VNFs.
      • The same rest api northbound is used in both SDNC (L1-L3) and APPC (L4-L7) - auto-generated from LCM-API.yang but the "action" parameters that can be sent via that API - some dont work on SDNC like start/stop/restart/evacuate - others like ModifyConfig will work on SDNC
      • See APP-C LCM API guide for additional information

  • Outgoing API:
    • A&AI : SDNC will read/write objects to A&AI.  The base aaa-service class is capable of reading/writing any object defined in A&AI XSD schema.  The directed graphs for the use cases will drive which specific objects are read/written.
    • External SDNC controllers : SDNC will interface to external SDNC controllers to create underlay/overlay networks (for VoLTE).  These external controllers expose a RESTCONF interface, which SDNC will invoke using its restapi-call-node interface.

APIs used by client projects:

Client ProjectAPI(s) used

Generic VNF API (vDNS, vFW, vCPE)


DMaaPDMaaP Listener
SDCSDC client

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  1. Note - the GENERIC-RESOURCE-API Word document has been updated to correct some typos discovered during development.  Field names in Yang contain hyphens, not underscores, by convention.  Some field names incorrectly contained underscores, which are not replaced with hyphens.  The document above has been fixed to conform to convention

  2. I have created some class diagrams based on the AID using plant UML. They are only about 80%  complete, but could post them on a child page here if there is interest

  3. no access to "Readthedocs" links

  4. GENERIC-RESOURCE-API is deprecated : (2016-11-11) => (2017-08-24)

  5. Why is vCPE in both table rows - Generic services and VNF?