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The following items are expected to be completed for the project to Pass  Release Sign-Off Milestone.

Release Sign-Off Milestone overview is available in wiki.


  1. Use the "Copy" and "Move" options (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.
  2. Fill out the Yes/No column
  3. Provide link to evidence (when necessary)

Link to Jira

Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidencesHow to?
Product ManagementAre committed Product Backlog Stories been coded and marked as "Done" in Jira?yesSO Jira
Are all tasks associated with committed Product Backlog Stories been marked as "Done" in Jira?yesSO Jira
Provide the project features list under the form of a bulleted list.yesso readthedocs

Summarize any functionalities that were planned at Release planning and not delivered at Release Sign-Off

NAAll functionlaities deliverd as per the initial planPNF was ready from SO side, but dropped for the ONAP Beijing release
Release ManagementHave all issues pertaining to FOSS been addressed?NA

Have all findings from previous milestones been addressed?Yes
No Pending tasks from previous milestones
DevelopmentAre all the Jenkins jobs successfully passed (verify + merge jobs)?yesSO Jenkins
Are all binaries available in Nexus Release repository?yesSO nexus release
Are all Docker images available In Nexus?yesSO 1.2.2
Are the Java and Docker manifest updated with the same version as in Nexus Release repository?yes

docker manifest

Release artifacts manifest

Integration and Testing

Have all CSIT Use Cases (created by each project team) passed?yesSO JenkinsGoal is to incease our confidence the latest commit did not break the major functionality. Jenkins CSIT Jobs
Has the project code successfully passed the Daily Build process?yesSO JenkinsGoal is to ensure the latest project commit has not broken the Integration Daily Build 

Has the project done the integration testing with related dependent projects?

YesSO integration status

Has your team contributed and completed work in the following documentations in ReadTheDocs:

  1. Release Notes
  2. Project Documentation

SO Release Notes

so readthedocs