This page will be filled out as per TSC meet 20181011 with the list of committers that require access to the security space for CLM work (the CLM site is OK - committers already have access to CLM) - this page is to get access for non-PTL committers to the vulnerability wiki below

Security Vulnerabilities Home

 IN PROGRESS - the PTL already has access

20181206 - action item in TSC 2018-12-06

TSC-59 - Getting issue details... STATUS

contributors that are working on CLM issues like for example below require access

PLEASE! Provide the LFIDs of people requiring access. 

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  1. AAI committers already have access - is the intent to allow certain contributors to have access to the CLM reports?

    1. CLM - committers and PTL already have access

      WIKI space - this is where only the PTL has access currently

  2. Christopher McCray "ONAP PTL Support" doesn't have any meaning. The PTL should be filling this out for their project if there are non-coimmitters that need access to the data.