Here are some basics for contributing on the ONAP Wiki.

Don't worry too much over style. It is better to have good information than none at all! It can always be fixed later if you make a mistake.


The highest level is Heading 1

It is OK to have a singleton Heading at any level

Do not use a Heading (n+1) unless it is under a Heading n


  • First word on each line of a bulleted list (except for definitions in the Glossary)
  • The following are proper nouns that in many cases have a specific meaning in ONAP and should be capitalized:
    • Application Controller
    • Infrastructure Controller
    • Network Controller
    • Offer
    • 50201559
    • 50201559
    • 50201559 (note: use "service" in generic contexts; use "Service" for a Service Design & Creation tool object)
  • Letters in words that are part of acronyms. See Acronyms treatment, below. Examples:
    • Business Support System (BSS)
    • REpresentational State Transfer (REST)
    • Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV)


Write out in first instance on a page, immediately followed by the acronym in parenthesis. Then use the acronym on the rest of the page.  In diagrams, if space allows, use full name.  Example: Operational Support System (OSS). For plurals, add an "s" but do not use "es", such as OSSs.  

Use of "&" in acronyms:  In general, avoid. Exceptions: "AT&T" and for Release 1, "A&AI". Going forward,  "AAI" is preferred. 

Currently unavailable sections and references

Incomplete items

Denote text that requires additional work using "<<TODO:" (easily searchable) and preferably italics:

<<TODO: explain what needs to be done>>

References to documents not yet available

Use the word "DocRef:", followed by the document title, within << >>:

<<DocRef: OpenECOMP User Guide>>

Links to documents

Where linking to formal ONAP documentation, link to the specific document or section on the ONAP site.

Special text formatting

source code, user input, program outputConfluence "preformatted" font, or Confluence "Code Block" macro (permits indentation)
contact": { “contactType”: “USER”,
             “source”: “app1”,

Figure numbering and labeling

Start with Figure 1 on each page.  In the Figure caption itself, use bold for the entire caption; only capitalize the first word:

Figure 1. OpenECOMP architecture

Don't use bold in the text's references to Figure n.

Non-English phrases, abbreviations and symbols

Avoid non-English phrases, abbreviations and symbols and substitute as follows:

  • e.g. → "for example", "such as"
  • i.e. → "that is" (or rephrase)
  • via → "through", or sometimes "by"
  • & → "and"

If you DO use "e.g." and "i.e.", use commas after these.

Keep it simple!

Try to keep sentences 25* words or less.  If very lengthy, consider rephrasing and breaking into a bulleted list.

     * Sometimes impossible but worth shooting for.

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