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ONAP For Enterprise - Roadmap (Latest Update: Jan 11th, 2022)

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  1. My 2 cents on this:

    ) Is there an API within ONAP's VNF Manager component or Element Management that enables assignment/allocation to specific pieces of hardware within the NFVI/cloud infrastructure? 

    SRINI> K8s does support a feature called "Quota" for each namespace. Using this feature, one can dedicate set of HW resources to each namespace. Since slice finally results into namespace,  this requirement can be met.  Today, ONAP is using older version of EMCO.  Once ONAP moves to latest version of EMCO, this feature can be leveraged.

    2) If the underlying VIM provides APIs for placement of virtual resources on specific pieces of physical hardware, then does ONAP provide corresponding APIs that the VNFs can use to leverage these VIM placement APIs to perform precise placements of the virtual resources they use onto specific nodes within the physical infrastructure? It also depends on what the VNF/CNF/PNF provide as information. 

    SRINI> Yes, selecting a right K8s cluster to place workloads by ONAP can be made possible if newer version of EMCO is used.  Newer version of EMCO supports a way to define the platform requirements on per workload basis as intents.  At the time of deployment, it can do match making between requirements and capabilities it discovered early on to select the right K8s cluster.

    3) Are there APIs between the Network Slice Instance layer and the Resource layer (resource management functions) that enable a network slice instance to gain information about the current mapping of network slice instances to physical resources? Likewise, are there APIs that enable the network slice instances to leverage specific resources available within the resource layer? Currently not (but to be confirmed by our E2E Network Slicing Use Case Owner - Saravanan)

    SRINI> This is a good requirement.  Either current version of EMCO in ONAP or newer version of EMCO don't support this feature of querying the K8s clusters to figure out the quota usage.  I will inform EMCO team to see whether they can honor this request.