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The APPC Test Client VM (robot VM) contains a folder "apache-jmeter-4.0" which is home to APACHE JMeter along with APPC-Tests.  The APPC-Tests subfolder contains jmx files that can be utilized to run specific APPC LCM Actions.  The tests can be executed either command line or via the UI.

  • Beijing JMeter code can be found here.
    • APPC-LCM-Action-V1.jmx
    • appc-lcm-test.csv, appc-lcm-test-Stability-Test-VM2.csv, appc-lcm-test-Stability-Test-VM3.csv
      • The csv files are utilized by the JMeter APPC-LCM-Action-V1.jmx to identify "DMaaP IP,DMaaP READ Topic,DMaaP WRITE Topic, vnf-id,vm-id"
  • Command Line (The example below is executing the test from the testing->apache-jmeter-4.0->APPC-Tests folder):
    • ../bin/ -n  -L DEBUG -t APPC-LCM-Action-V1.jmx l APPC-LCM-Action-V1.jtl
      • The jmx file actually contains the test "script" and the jtl file is the formatted test results file.
      • Check out the jtl file to see the results of your tests.
  • Executing JMeter from the UI:
    • /home/ubuntu/testing/apache-jmeter-4.0/jmeter
    • This will pull up the UI.  However, you will need to have X11 setup on your desktop.
    • Clicking on the "View Results Tree" will display the results tree.
      • Submit request - Actual request submitted
      • SYNC response - DMaaP Accept/Failure response
      • ASYNC Response - APPC Response on whether the action was a SUCCESS or FAILURE
      • Start (Or whichever action is being tested) Transaction Controller - Transaction result (Green for success and Red for failure)
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