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The most useful chart to track progress in the "Burndown Chart". The Burndown Chart focuses on the active Sprint, and shows to the team what has been done and what is left to do.

  1. To see the "Burndown Chart" click on "Reports" on the left end-side of Jira.
  2. Then select the Sprint you want to report on and select the "Burndown Chart" by using the "Switch report" button.
  3. The following "Burndown Chart" shows:

    The grey "Guideline" line represents the work to accomplish over the Sprint
    The red line represents the "Remaining Values" of the work left to do.
    By moving the mouse over the chart, the square box (bottom left) informs on the issues and "Story Points" completed.


  • To see the Burndown Chart going down, ensure that Tasks, Sub-Tasks and Stories are moved from ToDo to Done in the Sprint.
  • PTL ensures that every Story has an Estimate