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Proposal 1

Name of Use Case:

<give it a name>

Use Case Authors:

<who wrote the use case>


<provide a description on what the use case does>

Users and Benefit:

< who would benefit from this use case, how and under what scenarios >


< list the VNFs this use case will automate/impact/use, be both generic like EPC and specific in terms of software used e.g. which EPC code or vendor product>

Work Flows:

< describe the work flows which are part of the use case. E.g. Instantiation, Deletion of VNF >

Controll Automation:

< describe any control automation that is part of the use case E.g. auto scaling, auto fault detection or recovery>

Project Impact:

< list all projects that are impacted by this use case and identify any project which would have to be created >

Work Commitment:

< identify who is committing to work on this use case and on which part>

Proposal 2

Use Case UML Diagram

<Insert UML Use Case Diagram>

Use cases define how different users interact with a system under design.  Each use case represents an action that may be performed by a user (defined in UML as an Actor with a user persona).

Use Case Definitions

Each Use Case from the UML Use Case Diagram is defined in this section.

<Use Case Title>

Primary Actor
Main Success Scenario
Alternate Scenarios
Exception Scenarios
Post Conditions
JIRA Traceability
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