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Monday, Feb. 5


IRC Minutes

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Architecture Review and approval

Chris Donley

ONAP Beijing Architecture TSC v2.0.pptx (recording time index 00:02:50)

Security Subcommittee Update and Security for S3P introduction

(recording time index 00:23:50)

Standardized Config Management(recording time index 00:50:30)
Certificate, Secure Storage, Authentification.AAF-CSM

(recording time index 01:26:20)

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Tuesday, Feb. 6


IRC Minutes

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Lab utilization / availability  & Open Lab

How to Leverage Integration Lab for Pairing / Grouping Testing

Integration: Test Review for new features / S3P MeasurementHelen Chen

LF infrastructure status - sonar/python, IRC/Chat and other Python tools

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Wednesday, Feb. 7


IRC Minutes

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MSB Tutorial
Modeling subcommittee
Usecase Subcommittee Review

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ThursdayArchitecture Review approval voteChris Donley

Thursday, Feb. 8 Session 1


IRC Minutes (see log)

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How to add a new cloud region and some thoughts


Thursday, Feb. 8 Session 2


Zoom Chat Log

Open Source Licenses and Copyright Notices trainingSteve Winslow (LF)

Recording time index (00:13:00)

Documentation Initiatives: APIs, Usability & Tool Chain

ONAP for the newbies: feedbacks and proposals for Beijing

Eric Debeau, Greg Glover

What cross project within LFN should focus on at ONS

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13:47:21 <kennypaul> #startmeeting VF2F-2018-02-05
13:47:21 <collabot`> Meeting started Mon Feb  5 13:47:21 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
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13:49:01 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb, BinY_, SteveT
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13:49:01 <collabot`> Current chairs: BinY_ SteveT kennypaul phrobb
14:01:13 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
14:03:47 <JasonHunt> #info Jason Hunt, IBM
14:04:13 <gilbert> #info mazin gilbert
14:04:51 <RannyHaiby> #info Ranny Haiby, Nokia
14:09:57 <DhananjayPavgi> #info Dhananjay Pavgi, Tech Mahindra Ltd
14:12:49 <SteveT> #topic Architecture Review and approval
14:13:33 <SteveT> #info Chris Donley presented the Beijing architecture
14:14:01 <SteveT> #info This includes the high level architecture. Chris quickly went through each module
14:15:56 <SteveT> #info There was a question regarding what was the difference between the Amsterdam and the Beijing architecture.
14:16:40 <Zhaoxing_Meng> #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
14:16:46 <Lingli> #info Lingli, China Mobile
14:17:55 <SteveT> #info Response was that there is a number of visual changes. Functional changes was to include kubernetites, highlight PNFs more, music is added.
14:18:57 <SteveT> #info there was question about kubernetes. It was clarified that it is being supported. Then there was the comment to remove the commercial VIM and public cloud boxes instead of the specificlly mentioned ones
14:19:18 <SteveT> #info it was commented that we do need a version control so we know which is the last one.
14:20:53 <SteveT> #info Chris will make the changes and come back during the week for voting.
14:24:20 <SteveT> #info The use of swagger is recomended. The documentation team is assuming the use of Swagger to document the APIs
14:28:09 <SteveT> #info Vote on the architecture will be on Thursday
14:29:20 <kennypaul> #topic Security Subcommittee
14:29:30 <DhananjayPavgi> #info Dhananjay Pavgi, Tech Mahindra Ltd
14:33:44 <kennypaul> #info SteveT reviewed the slides attached to the agenda page.
14:34:00 <kennypaul> #link
14:45:09 <kennypaul> #link to CII video
14:45:22 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
14:55:54 <SteveT> #topic Standardized Config Management, Mike Elliot
14:56:46 <SteveT> #Mike presented a bit on the configuration management that the OOM team is doing
15:01:44 <SteveT> #info Mike presented a bit on the configuration management that the OOM team is doing
15:03:39 <SteveT> #info After using the config approach from OOM there will not be the docker config
15:04:31 <kennypaul> #info LFIT ticket mentioned is 51784
15:31:43 <SteveT> #topic Certificate, Secure Storage, Authentification.AAF-CSM by Ram Koya, Srinivasa Addepalli, Jonathan Gathman
15:35:13 <SteveT> #info Jonathan walked through the AAF capabilities
15:35:19 <SteveT> #link
15:41:54 <SteveT> #info There was a question on how authentication should work, should the user log into every service inside onap seperately or log-on to ONAP as a whole.
15:47:38 <SteveT> #info The response is that AAF is working with oath. Then there is token passing capabilities and approach discussed in the security sub-committee.
15:57:09 <SteveT> #info The APIs are there in the AAF section
15:58:39 <SteveT> #info ONAP projects can today start with userid / Password. The use of certificates is coming
15:59:25 <SteveT> #info the adapters will handle the change from userid / password to certificates
16:01:48 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

Monday Zoom Chat Log    Back to top 

06:09:13 From Kenny Paul : I ill either unmute folks wishing to talk ro promote to a panelist.
06:14:36 From Kenny Paul : please usr the Q7A button to let me know you have a question and then raise your hand
06:16:39 From Vimal Begwani -- ATT to All Panelists : Added Change management, Music, SO enhancements
06:16:45 From Kenny Paul to Catherine Lefevre, All Panelists : Hi Catherine I am giving you permission to speak whenever you want.
06:16:55 From Vimal Begwani -- ATT to All Panelists : Support for PNF
06:17:16 From Catherine Lefevre to All Panelists : thank you Kenny.
06:25:54 From Guangrong Fu (Holmes) to All Panelists : Holmes is missing.
06:26:33 From Guangrong Fu (Holmes) to All Panelists : Already did that.
06:26:40 From Guangrong Fu (Holmes) to All Panelists : OK
06:36:22 From Steve Terrill to All Panelists :
06:38:04 From Steve Terrill to All Panelists : Yes the sound is ok
07:04:33 From Herb Patten (AT&T) to All Panelists : lost audio - is this a global issue?
07:05:31 From Kenny Paul : yes was global.
07:24:22 From Roger Maitland to All Panelists : While OOM develops the new Helm features the current OOM functionality is still there to be used.

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13:49:20 <kennypaul> #startmeeting VF2F 2018-02-06
13:49:20 <collabot`> Meeting started Tue Feb  6 13:49:20 2018 UTC.  The chair is kennypaul. Information about MeetBot at
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13:49:49 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb, BinY_, SteveT
13:49:49 <collabot`> Warning: Nick not in channel: BinY_
13:49:49 <collabot`> Current chairs: BinY_ SteveT kennypaul phrobb
14:04:29 <SteveT> #topic Lab utilization / availability & Open Lab
14:05:16 <SteveT> #info Chengli Wantg presented ONAP lab availability for Beijing release
14:07:25 <SteveT> #info Morgan Richomme introduced the openlab from orange
14:18:25 <SteveT> #info will try to keep a stable release, not always uptodate on the master branch
14:18:47 <SteveT> #info there was a question about onboarding the vfirewall. The response was it could be
14:19:10 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
14:20:38 <SteveT> #info STephen Terrill, Ericsson
14:21:23 <Zhaoxing_Meng> #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
14:21:56 <SteveT> #info Considering ONAP as a service to allow people to people to try onboard etc.
14:24:34 <SteveT> #info When registered to the platform, you will be given a readme and jumphost for you as a user.
14:25:09 <SteveT> #info There will be detailed information on the wiki, which will be created soon
14:27:03 <SteveT> #topic How to Leverage Integration Lab for Pairing / Grouping Testing
14:27:16 <SteveT> #info presented by Helen, Rich Bennet, Garry, ...
14:34:20 <SteveT> #info and stephen Gooch
14:36:26 <SteveT> #info Intel lab reserved for demos during feb
14:43:36 <SteveT> #info Rich presented TLAB. Will have a daily build
14:49:04 <SteveT> #info It was suggested to update the physical labs.
14:49:11 <SteveT> #link
14:50:14 <SteveT> #info Gary Wo presented how to deploy OOM using heat.
15:12:52 <SteveT> #topic Integration: Test Review for new features / S3P Measurement
15:13:05 <SteveT> #info presented by Helen Chen
15:14:11 <SteveT> #info Create ONAP "lite" for SE/Architect to test. Also Reference VNFs for scalability testing
15:18:16 <SteveT> #info went over what the integration team will do for s3p requirements
15:22:19 <SteveT> #info Looking at security metrics covered by the integration project.
15:26:54 <SteveT> #info Helen shared the integration projects for resiliencey
15:31:28 <SteveT> #info Helen shared the integration projects plans for Stability, Performance, scalability
15:33:21 <SteveT> #topic: LF infrastructure status - sonar/python, IRC/Chat and other Python tools
15:33:57 <SteveT> #info Presented by Catherine Leferve.
15:37:12 <SteveT> #action LF to ensure test coverage monitoring for phython (sonarpython)
15:39:03 <SteveT> #info Request to include pythong package index. PyPi server for hosting pythong packaages, the release procedures for ONAP developed Pypi packages
15:40:16 <SteveT> #info ticket 44260 exists for the creation of PyPi
15:42:44 <SteveT> #info The ticket is old. Kenny will update on this today.
15:43:37 <SteveT> #info need to document the procedure for adding new pypi packages
15:43:39 <SteveT> #action Use a Scheduled a PTL call to collect and review the PyPi packages to
15:45:28 <SteveT> #info Proposed to use Locust as a load testing framework in the integration team; and also for the developers.
15:45:36 <SteveT> #link
15:47:33 <SteveT> #info The itegration is looking into it. Helen informed that the integration team plan to use jmeter and locust
15:48:09 <SteveT> #info The question that came is what do we need to do in ONAP to make this available.
15:52:00 <SteveT> #info need a process for submitting and requesting new tools.
15:52:23 <SteveT> #action put on the TSC meeting in 2 weeks.
15:53:20 <SteveT> #topic ONAP Instant Messaging Survey
15:53:35 <SteveT> #info Kenny Paul Presented the ONAP Instant messaging survey.
15:58:09 <SteveT> #info low response rate is recieved as a indication that this implies that this is not a hot issue
15:59:19 <SteveT> #info important to the integration team to reach out to the community, especially near milestones
16:04:59 <SteveT> #info The dicussion was in the direction that we need to have LF to host a messaging application as that is the least likely to be blocked as it won't look like a social media site.
16:08:46 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

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06:09:36 From Kenny Paul to Gil Hellmann, All Panelists : thanks. saw your hand :-)
06:12:01 From Arun Arora to All Panelists : Requesting to record this session if not started already
06:12:49 From Kenny Paul : it is being recorded.
06:17:24 From shubhra.garg to All Panelists : Can we take the lab for onboarding vfirewall ? Is there any video, where onboarding/instantiation of vfirewall is shown?
06:18:13 From Helen Chen : yes, it is available in onap wiki page
06:18:35 From Huabing Zhao to All Panelists : The orange lab provides a deployed ONAP system and the community members can apply access and play with it, is that correct?
06:18:56 From shubhra.garg to All Panelists : Could you please share the link
06:18:58 From shubhra.garg to All Panelists : ?
06:22:23 From Huabing Zhao to All Panelists : OK, It's answered
06:22:38 From Michael O'Brien : helen, multiple oom port exposures are via the namespaces 302xx 304xx for 2 onaps for example
06:23:43 From Helen Chen : Got it. thank you Michael.
06:25:15 From Helen Chen : Shubhra, please send me email later. I will present next. not open the wiki at this moment.
06:25:20 From Prakash to All Panelists : is details available to replicate what you did in R1
06:47:28 From Hector Anapan to All Panelists : no worries, I think most of the TLAB section is covered well by Rich
06:48:09 From Stephen Gooch : We should update
06:48:20 From Stephen Gooch : will all the information.
06:50:13 From Chengli Wang to All Panelists : Totally Agree Stephen
06:50:31 From Michael O'Brien : Nice wiki page - 30+ developers writing it up
06:50:48 From Michael O'Brien : put all notes on the wiki for community involvement
06:52:14 From Steve Terrill to All Panelists : We could consider to make it visible on the start wiki page, under e.g. Resources for developers
06:52:14 From Helen Chen : This work is learnt from all those nice wiki pages and script / automate those steps.
06:52:19 From Michael O'Brien : The issue is that in the new container world - devops is pushed up from IT - we essentially need to install the entire undercloud to get Kubernetes up -because we are not yet using Kubernetees as a service from cloud providers
06:53:01 From Michael O'Brien : We should collaborate very closely on Amsterdam DCAE deployment - currently doing this in openlab
06:53:57 From David Sauvageau to All Panelists : Fyi the migration of all Amsterdam fixes for OOM to master branch is in progress and 90% completed. Will need to retest after.
06:55:21 From Helen Chen : Thanks David for the updating.
06:55:44 From Brian : Gary - is there also a neutron router installed ?
06:55:51 From David Sauvageau to All Panelists : I could
06:57:33 From Michael O'Brien : This is the best model - I added OOM to a heat template yesterday by necessity - but i will use your onap-oom - thank you very much saves us time on openlab
06:59:00 From Bin Yang to All Panelists : it will be good if you could zoom in your screen a little bit
06:59:25 From Bin Yang to All Panelists : thanks
07:07:37 From Roger Maitland to All Panelists : Gary, why do you need to reinstall Rancher and K8s every time. These are services like OpenStack that can be maintained in the labs for repeated use.
07:08:01 From Andrew Fenner to All Panelists : have you a different workaround for the DCAE designate issues ?
07:11:37 From Steve Terrill to All Panelists : Yes, good information.
07:12:02 From Steve Terrill : Yes good information
07:23:42 From Steve Terrill : The password stored in clear text should be captured by the static code scans as well.
07:24:39 From Steve Terrill : For the 3rd party, the nexus IQ tool we said will support that.. The action was it was made open to PTLs. I need to come back with the "process".
07:37:48 From Pamela Dragosh : Will they be upgrading sonar so it can be used within Eclipse? i.e. 5.6+
07:40:20 From Chris Donley : +1 for PyPi
07:40:40 From Shankar Narayanan to All Panelists : +1 on the PyPi repository.
07:40:55 From Gildas Lanilis to All Panelists : @Pam. I realize LF is schedules to update us now. I don't know if upgrading sonar is part of the plan.
07:57:14 From Brian to All Panelists : its absolutely important to integraiton teams !
07:59:49 From Catherine Lefevre to All Panelists : hipchat ??
08:04:39 From Mars Toktonaliev to All Panelists : IRC option is split into web-client and native client. It skews results.
08:04:55 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) to All Panelists : web access to irc is pretty much unbreakable. they may block a site but it’s still http...
08:05:55 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) to All Panelists : hosting a web irc server on seems like lowest common denominator?
08:06:46 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) : web access to irc is pretty much unbreakable. firewalls may block a particular website but it’s still http...
08:07:24 From Chris Donley : Sorry, that's not right. I can't get to IRC if I'm on the corporate network.
08:07:29 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) : hosting a web irc server on seems like a lowest common denominator?
08:08:04 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) : you can’t get toa particular irc reflector site, but that’s a dns block

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13:45:30 <kennypaul> #startmeeting vf2f 2018-02-07
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13:45:34 <kennypaul> #chair phrobb, BinY_, SteveT
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13:45:34 <collabot`> Current chairs: BinY_ SteveT kennypaul phrobb
14:01:52 <SteveT> #info Stephen Terrill, ERicsson
14:02:25 <Zhaoxing_Meng> #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
14:02:52 <cdonley> #info Chris Donley Huawei
14:06:36 <SteveT> #topic MSB Tutorial
14:06:51 <SteveT> #info Huabing Zhao presented the MSB tutorial
14:08:25 <SteveT> #info Huabing also offered that the tutorial can be given to projects upon request.
14:22:36 <SteveT> #info MSB is offering a RPC call, so if there is no exception it should be understood that the message is recieved by the reciever
14:33:53 <kennypaul> #info just a comment for Huabing Zhao... this is the scenario.. the receiver received a message, but the return confirmation communciation is lost. In this case, the sender did not get a successful response. Then, the sender may try to send the same message again even though the receiver received the messge. I guess MSB inherits the HTTP/HTTPS messaging reliability issue. I will contact Huabing off-line.
14:36:17 <SteveT> #topic Modeling subcommittee
14:37:24 <SteveT> #info There are several sub topics here.
14:38:15 <SteveT> #info The first subtopic is Service IM
14:45:06 <SteveT> #info next sub-topic is resource IM
14:45:24 <SteveT> #info PNFD is not defined yet, but it is consiered as a resource IM.
14:49:42 <SteveT> #info there were questions about the relationship between the service and the service component. The response was the service was more related to the customer facing service
14:50:18 <SteveT> #info Not all artifacts are yet captured in the VNF descriptor
14:53:10 <SteveT> #info the resource model is defined in a uniform way (irrespective of whether it is managed by VF-C or APP-C)
14:56:46 <SteveT> #info There was a request to discuss the modelling with the projects at a project level as well.
15:01:15 <SteveT> #info There was a question whether a service that is an infrastructure servce can be used as a service comonent in another service. The answer was that it was thought that substition could use. And it also said a service can be nested to be part of another service.
15:02:20 <SteveT> #info Next sub-topic was data model aspects
15:05:43 <SteveT> #info All datamodel information is available in the modelling sub-committee wikis
15:12:32 <SteveT> #info Discussion about aligning with standards or go for a comosite resource approach as described in the wiki.
15:13:51 <SteveT> #info next subtopic is parser centralization
15:15:30 <SteveT> #info there is a weekly call for the parser tiger team. they are preparing the user stories and requirements. Will look at API access of this parser as a service, exception handling interactation, can a placeholder be created in modelling project to on-board various parsers and abstract them with an API. PoC activities.
15:17:05 <SteveT> #info the PoC is to see if there if the centralized parser makes sense.
15:19:21 <SteveT> #info - question was do the PTLs that are using teh SDC parser today agree they need another library that is remoted. Response. The response was that the OPNF Parser is a good standard parser.
15:20:01 <SteveT> #info it was indicated that the OPNFV parser supuports yaml 1.1, with yaml 1.2 in developement
15:22:26 <SteveT> #info when considering java libraries, consider both python as well as java
15:23:31 <SteveT> #info correction - that was when considering common libraries, consider both python and java
15:25:38 <kennypaul> #link for video
15:25:51 <SteveT> #info next subtopic was a papryus tutorial, but suggested to look at the provided link
15:26:08 <SteveT> #info There was a request for contact for all components.
15:33:53 <SteveT> #topic Usecase Subcommittee Review
15:33:58 <SteveT> #info presented by Alla
15:49:50 <SteveT> #info PNF is configured with SDNC as its a L1-L3 PNF
15:58:16 <SteveT> #info PNF support for changemanagement has not discussed change management and scaling. Not expected to be in Beijing.
16:03:46 <SteveT> #info It was noted that there is no SDC Epic for pnf support, SO neither
16:07:33 <kennypaul> #endmeeting

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06:11:50 From Mazin Gilbert : Hi
06:12:55 From Yang Xu to All Panelists : No, that’s different one
06:13:04 From Yang Xu to All Panelists : another Yang Xu :)
06:15:36 From Steve Terrill : Hi Mazin.
06:27:08 From Steve Terrill : I think that we should capture in a future update of the architecture the difference/relation between MSB and DMAAP to have guidenance on when to use each and dependancies.
06:29:19 From Parviz Yegani p00383288 to All Panelists : Good point Steve. Agreed!
06:35:05 From Jessie Jewitt to All Panelists : I'm here for modeling...
06:48:42 From Thinh Nguyenphu (Nokia) to All Panelists : no
06:49:44 From Thinh Nguyenphu (Nokia) to All Panelists : for service IM point of view, the model should be the same.
06:53:26 From Steve Terrill : can you please repeate when the models will be ready
06:53:51 From DENG Hui to All Panelists : I will talk this later
06:54:06 From Steve Terrill : OK, thanks Deng
06:54:59 From DENG Hui to All Panelists : diffcult for me, not easy job
07:07:39 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) : question: what would be impact on runtime support?
07:09:49 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) : makes sense, thanks!
07:10:00 From Parviz Yegani p00383288 to All Panelists : RH
07:14:08 From Kenny Paul to Parviz Yegani p00383288, All Panelists : I keep muting you because it is creating an echo.
07:14:30 From Kenny Paul to Parviz Yegani p00383288, All Panelists : when you aren’t talking.
07:18:58 From Claude Noshpitz (AT&T) : question: what is the strategy for adopting TOSCA Simple Profile 1.2? Who is responsible?
07:19:06 From Steve Terrill : Brian, was your question answered?
07:19:40 From Michael O'Brien : common issue - for multicloud which uses python - the logging project does not have a python library let - so all projects that provide service libraries will nee dual java/python RI libraries
07:22:42 From Tony Hansen to All Panelists : please don’t call java logging from python
07:24:06 From Tony Hansen to All Panelists : python has logging libraries than can be built on - work has been done with python logging in dcae project
07:24:55 From Rittwik Jana (AT&T)  :
07:27:33 From Nigel Davis (Ciena) : Sorry all... seem to have a microphone issue. All mutes were apparently off. As noted there is a training video (in chapters) and also information about versions etc.
07:27:51 From Maopeng to Tony Hansen, All Panelists : could you share the python loggin libraries? thanks
07:28:22 From Nigel Davis (Ciena) : It is provided via the link
07:28:40 From Brian Hedstrom : I don’t see it on that page, it’s blank
07:28:44 From Michael O'Brien : logging project commits eclipse project, classpath - but works with IntelliJ
07:30:39 From Nigel Davis (Ciena) : lower down
07:30:55 From Nigel Davis (Ciena) : We should update the version on the page
07:30:58 From Nigel Davis (Ciena) : It is in the comments
07:32:50 From Steve Terrill : M3 is the API freeze on 3/8. I assume that has a dependancy on the DM or ?
07:33:23 From Rittwik Jana (AT&T) : From Nigel's comments: we identify Papyrus version 3.2.0 RC4 as the version to use. The video shows you how to get this version.This should be run on Eclipse version 4.7.2 “Oxygen”. We should also use Gendoc version 0.6.0 as noted in the guidelines, but that has not yet been agreed.
07:33:32 From DENG Hui to All Panelists : not exactly depends on M3, we will try
07:34:22 From Jimmy Forsyth : Modeling contacts for each project:
07:36:15 From Kenny Paul : >>Discussion comments don’t indicate a decision being made. @Brian H, is that in the context of eclipse/papyrus version in the comments section of the link?
07:37:33 From Brian Hedstrom : @kenny Yes, thanks.
07:39:11 From Brian Hedstrom : Nigel’s comment on that page was in context of what ONF is using
07:40:04 From Nigel Davis (Ciena) : I have now updated the page to show the versions more clearly
07:40:18 From Brian Hedstrom : Thank you Nigel.
07:47:37 From Steve Terrill : Alla, where is the presentation, I couldn't see it here: I thought I heard you say it was uploaded
07:49:12 From Lingli Deng : volte does not include PNF in its definition.
07:49:25 From Lingli Deng : PNF is from 5G usecase.
07:50:10 From Helen Chen : @Lingli, we are trying to add it to VoLTE, that’s why it is a stretch
07:51:01 From Maopeng to All Panelists : @ Helen, who provide the PNF? Also it is not talked, right?
07:54:20 From Anh Le (Netcracker) to All Panelists : My question is the integration with EMS for PNF can be very vendor and equipement specific. No widely accepted standard on 5G management. So will that integration for VoLTE and EvCPE will be open-sourced?
08:02:12 From Lingli Deng : @Helen, to clarify that we as one of the usecase owner could not commit on a PNF support, as CMCC does not provide PNF. Curious about who could be providing the PNF, and what are the impacts to infovled projects.
08:03:44 From Helen Chen : @Lingli,
08:03:59 From Helen Chen : I will send you the flow and related projects from email
08:04:07 From Helen Chen : and then decide.

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NOTE: for some reason meeting bot didn't start- log cut/pasted from irc.

5:59 AM   <alla_> Alla Goldner #info Alla Goldner, Amdocs
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6:01 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #startmeeting vf2f-2018-02-08
6:01 AM #chair phrobb, BinY_, SteveT
6:02 AM S<SteveT> Stephen Terrill #info Stephen Terrill, Ericsson
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6:04 AM J<JasonHunt> - #info Jason Hunt, IBM
6:05 AM G<gilbert> - #info mazin gilbert
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6:06 AM Z<Zhaoxing_Meng> Zhaoxing Meng #info Zhaoxing Meng, ZTE
6:07 AM C<cdonley> Chris Donley #info Chris Donley Huawei
6:08 AM 
6:10 AM S<SteveT> Stephen Terrill #topic meeting start
6:11 AM #info Architecture moved to later in the day.
6:12 AM 
6:18 AM X<xinhuili> info, xinhuili, vmware
6:18 AM  lixinhui left (~lixinhui@
6:21 AM S<SteveT> Stephen Terrill #info  There was change of a bridge
6:22 AM #topic How to add a new cloud region and some thoughts
6:22 AM #info general discussion

6:22 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul Plain Text11 lines raw |

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6:27 AM 
6:27 AM C<cdonley> Chris Donley @kenny - would you please mute everyone (except Bin) on the HPA bridge?
6:27 AM C<collabot`> collabot cdonley: Error: "kenny" is not a valid command.
6:28 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul just gave a\lex host privs for the new bridge
6:32 AM 
6:40 AM S<SteveT> Stephen Terrill #topic HPA
6:40 AM 
8:04 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #endmeeting
8:05 AM K<kennypaul> Kenny Paul #endmeeting

Thursday Zoom Chat Log - Session 1  Back to top 

06:23:21 From Brian Hedstrom : We are getting keyboard noises
06:26:09 From stephen terrill : I can't see where it comes from
06:27:38 From Brian Hedstrom : Does anyone have Kenny on Instant Messenger?
06:28:09 From Alexis de Talhouët : IRC
06:28:46 From Alexis de Talhouët : Thanks Chris
06:33:29 From Kenny Paul : Alex hass host privs for this bridge.
06:34:22 From Kenny Paul : Alex can mute whoever needs to be muted.
06:37:51 From Brian : would "." or ":" be a better demarc ? seems like "_" might be a valid cloud region id
06:45:30 From Catherine Lefevre : Policy representative is on the bridge
06:46:11 From Catherine Lefevre : I am trying to get DCAE representative on this bridge
06:47:18 From Catherine Lefevre : ok trying to get SDC too
06:51:36 From Catherine Lefevre : DCAE - Lusheng is on the bridge
06:59:57 From Alexander Vul : Seshu - sounds like you may be off the hook here…
07:01:19 From Catherine Lefevre : Michael is on - SDC PTL
07:05:56 From Catherine Lefevre : Pam - Policy PTL is on the bridge now
07:13:55 From Brian : seems like for Beijing its SO to OOF and OOF passes on to policy all the contraints from the csar that apply and policy returns the things OOF needs - actual policies are put into policy separtely

Thursday Zoom Chat Log - Session 2  Back to top

05:51:56     From ONAPmeet1 : Good Morning, I will go ahead and start the recording now. I will not be on-line for this session however.
06:38:48     From ZTE : Do all red, orange and yellow policy violations have to be eliminated?
06:40:21     From Anatoly Katzman : Dual licensing, when the same software is distributed under 2 licenses in the same time - what does it mean? Especially when these 2 liceses are very different: permissive vs copyleft?
06:47:54     From ZTE : Thank you, Steve. That’s very helpful.
07:02:13     From Gildas Lanilis g00377155 : in term of versionning, we shoulld use the same as in ONAP code,which is Semantic Versionning.
07:31:17     From Michael O'Brien (OOM/Logging) : Gliffy and plantUML are very good diagram collaboration tools - we try to avoid pasted images/ppt
07:43:40     From Rich Bennett : ( plant )UML now works, example here
07:49:40     From Michael O'Brien (OOM/Logging) : Will try to assist OPFNV more - a very good project
07:49:42     From Michael O'Brien (OOM/Logging) :
07:55:19     From Michael O'Brien (OOM/Logging) : good question - we had the same ad-hoc discussions in prep for kubecon and the f2f - maybe a periodic sync meet and a commitement to be a a online tag team during the actual talks of the 2 groups
07:55:50     From Michael O'Brien (OOM/Logging) : partially
07:56:01     From Phil Robb : Here is the Dev Forum Site:

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