VNF Requirements are published with each release. You can finds them in the general ONAP released documentation at

The versions are selectable by release ( look for the "v: Amsterdam" pulldown menu in lower right). The latest version is here.

Release notes are available here.

A consolidated list of all requirements is provided in Chapter 9 for use in RFP responses etc.

From the Beijing Release, there is additional information on Test Case Descriptions and associated VNF requirements  available here.

To comment on VNFRQTS deliverables either raise  JIRA bug report or send an email to the onap-discuss list with "[vnfrqts]" in the subject line

Approved Project Proposal

Release Planning


See  VNFRQTS JIRA Project 

Agenda & Notes Archive

see VNF Requirements Project Meetings

Project Relationships

LFN code of conduct applies

Community Participation

ONAP measures community participation using the Bitergia tool.

Bitergia view of vnfrqts

ONAP procedures for committer promotion requests require consideration of community activity.

VNFRQTS committers

Daughter Pages

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  1. for some reference on EPIC statements see Epic, Story, Task and Bugs