The ONAP TSC has approved the VNF SDK project proposal page v.61. Any changes made after version v.61 are not approved by the TSC.

Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: VNF SDK & tooling
  • Proposed name for the repository: vnfsdk

Project description:

    • VNF onboarding is a challenge across the industry because of the lack of a standard format for VNFs.
    • This project will build an ecosystem for ONAP compatible VNFs by:
      • developing tools for vendor CI/CD toolchains
      • developing validation and testing tools

    • It will deliver automation tools for VNF product specification, packaging, publication and ingestion
    • This project will also deliver a tool for: 
      • package validation,
      • lifecycle test (framework)
      • functional test (framework)
      • Reference Repository for VNFs to enable CI/CD without dependency on service provider ingestion [Note: business model out of scope]
    • The functionality supplied by this project is intended for use by NFV operators, VNF product developers and VNF product DevOps teams.


yellow dotted lines = VNF SDK scope

green dotted lines = VNF Requirements Charter project [out of scope for VNF SDK]

blue dotted lines = Approved VVP Project Proposal: VNF Validation Program (ONAP ICE) (5/30/17) [validation project out of scope; tools will be informed by validation requirements]

  • NFV operator tools and SDK for ingestion (download) of VNF products 
  • VNF Supplier DevOps tools and SDK for automated packaging and publication of VNF product releases
  • A Network Function Repository (NF-RP) for publication, upload and download of VNF products and offerings
  • APIs for external interactions with VNF providers 
  • Tooling necessary to support VNF coherence, environment and dependency checking during packaging, upload and download
    • functional test framework (functional tests are initially out of scope)

Note: This project will be the result of merging all relevant tools from the Open-O VNF SDK, ICE and SDC, and of course further development of the merged entity. 

Relationship to other VNF projects

This project is closely related to, and will work closely with, two separate projects:

VNF SDK will produce code in the form of packaging and test tools, a test framework and a reference repository/marketplace.

Architecture Alignment:

  • How does this project fit into the rest of the ONAP Architecture?
    • VNF SDK is one of the functional blocks in the ONAP Architecture supporting VNF packaging
  • What other ONAP projects does this project depend on?
    • This project depends on SDC, SO, Modeling, DCAE, VNF Validation Program, and VNF Requirements
  • How does this align with external standards/specifications?
    • This project aligns with TOSCA and ETSI NFV VNF models
    • HEAT will follow OpenStack specification
  • Are there dependencies with other open source projects?
    • OPEN-O (Mercury release)
    • Robot
    • ARIA (parser)
    • OpenStack


Other Information:

  • link to seed code (if applicable)
    • VNF SDK is included in the OPEN-O Mercury release
    • This project will also include seed code from ECOMP ICE, which is not yet available online.
  • Vendor Neutral
    • This project is vendor neutral and open-sourced under the Apache license from the OPEN-O project
  • Meets Board policy (including IPR)
    • yes

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Key Project Facts

Project Name:

  • JIRA project name: vnfsdk
  • JIRA project prefix: vnfsdk

Repo name:

  • org.onap.vnfsdk/model
    • This repository stores VNF data models
  • org.onap.vnfsdk/pkgtools
    • This repository contains vendor CI/CD vnf packaging tools.
  • org.onap.vnfsdk/validation
    • This repository is used for vnf validation tools
  • org.onap.vnfsdk/lctest
    • This repository is for VNF lifecycle tests
  • org.onap.vnfsdk/functest
    • This repository is for the functional test framework
  • org.onap.vnfsdk/refrepo
    • This repository is for a reference vnf repository.  It is the same as the OPEN-O marketplace repo.
  • org.onap.vnfsdk/compliance
    • This repository is for the compliance test framework.

Lifecycle State: incubation
Primary Contact: Chris Donley
Project Lead: Chris Donley
mailing list tag [vnfsdk] 

*Link to TSC approval: 
Link to approval of additional submitters: 

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  1. What's  the repo name of "vnf-sdk-marketplace" in this proposal? Looks like the scope of this proposal haven't talk much about this piece?

    1. What is the format of VNF package ? CSAR format?
    2. Is it possible to list the supported tools? also planned tools
    3. Please explain the scope of "VNF instantiation Validation", "VN integration Validation" and "VNF Functionality Validation" and how it is used as part of VNF SDK. 
  2. AT&T contributed some code skeletons for VES agents for VNF compatibility with DCAE in the demo  repository.  Such VNF code fragments should be part of the VNF-SDK.

  3. If the blue parts now out of scope (parts of the VNF Validation program), should VNF SDK still deliver the following tools?

    • package validation,
    • lifecycle test (framework)
    • functional test (framework)
    1. To my understanding it should not

  4. What does the repo "org.onap.vnfsdk/guidelines" mean? What's the relationship with the VNF guidelines in VNF Requirements project? Is there any overlap or reference?

    1. I believe this is an error - a hold over from  previous versions.

      VNF Guidelines and Requirements should be consolidated under the  repo .org.onap.vnfrqts/  

      The VNF SDK project should not need a repo on requirements or guidelines under the current project structure.  

      1. Those repos will go with ICE and should be removed from here as well.




  5. Is the intention to move all of the legacy AT&T ICE code into the VNF SDK project?  Or will the VNF Validation Program project maintain some subset of AT&T ICE code as an ongoing deliverable?

  6. I guess currently SDC supports heat templates and as per SDC wiki there is plan to support TOSCA going forward. Especially for vCPE which follows the SO-App-C-SDNC stream , would like to know if the plan is to use TOSCA model or Heat template.  If there is no plan for TOSCA yet, will VNF SDK have capability for Heat template validation, certification etc.  Or there will be tool set to translate between TOSCA and Heat ? 

  7. sdc plans to support both Tosca and heat onboarding. the package will be retrieved from the vnf SDK on demand.

  8. will this project also include functionality to distribute the generated VNF packages to required ONAP components like A&AI 

  9. Hi all,

    I picked the task of 'Build platform/cpu-agnostic VNFSDK container images for Arm platform". 

    Also I have downloaded the code: git clone

    and I have tried to build it for Arm platform, and it works on Arm platform.

    So my question is, how to push vnfsdk image for official vnfsdk release?