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Instant Messaging challenges abound on a global project.  There is no one solution that works right for all. Whether it is a corporate firewall or the Great Firewall, or just an unwavering commitment to that one specific tool you have always used, somebody ain't gonna be happy.

After a great deal of back and forth on this, if you want to contact someone in a hurry, use WeChat.  Just about everyone will be inconvenienced in some way, but no one should be completely blocked from being able to IM a colleague, which is the whole point.

WeChat will allow a simultaneous connection from your cell phone and one compute device.  It has a Windows client, a Mac client and a web client available. Everything starts with the phone as the primary access point and much of the navigation is controlled by the use of QR codes (it has it's own built in reader, so you don't need to get one)

Once in search for the "ONAP Lobby" or ask someone that you think belongs to it to invite you.  (LOOKING FOR A LIST OF VOLUNTEERS HERE)

IMPORTANT! The purpose of the ONAP Lobby IS NOT for conversations per se, it is primarily a way to ensure that you can easily search for the people you need to contact in one place. Most of the time the conversation will should be in a separate 1:1, or group chat, or your conferencing solution of choice. 

Individual project teams are highly encouraged to create their own WeChat group (onap-your_project_tag) and then post your group QR code to your project's landing page.

  • Tap the “+”, in the upper right of the cellphone screen
  • Tap “Group Chat”
  • Add at least 2 other people to you group and tap "OK" 
  • After receiving the confirmation message, tap on the silhouettes in the top right
  • scroll down and set the group name and get your QR code.


Does WeChat Support bots?  Nope.

Does WeChat support drag-n-drop? Yup

Does WeChat have a desktop client? Mac, Windows and a web version

Can I invite people? Any current member can invite someone by clicking on the “+” and  the person you plan to add.

Can I remove someone?   Only the owner of the group (Administrator) can remove members.

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  1. To answer this above request on: "LOOKING FOR A LIST OF VOLUNTEERS HERE", i think we should all contribute on inviting folks.

    1. That goes without saying.  (smile)
      What I was hoping for was for some Community members to be volunteers for BillyBob or BobbySue Newbie that have just joined ONAP and don't know anyone yet, but would like to be added.

  2. WeChat is one of the applications not allowed on our corporate owned devices since it apparently allows direct software updates.

  3. Apologies if this has been considered before and ruled out.

    How about HippChat (, more in sense of chat room, where i could find all developers which want to join the chat room, rather then direct instant messaging folks?


  4. WeChat

    Two dimensional code expiration