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  • A&AI Core: Resources - CRUD REST API endpoints for A&AI inventory resources
  • A&AI Core: Traversal - REST APIs for graph traversals.  Some APIs use the Gremlin Server
  • UI - An ONAP portal application used by operations for visualizing and searching
  • Data Router: Makes decisions about workloads to be dispatched to search and tabular microservces.  Includes logic to recognize and direct requests based on request archetypes.
  • Search - Enable complex searches for sub graphs and functions that need to perform well across deeply nested structures using Elasticsearch.  Used by the UI
  • Champ - Abstraction from underlying graph storage systems that A&AI would interface with.
  • Gizmo - CRUD Rest API endpoint for resources and relationships, delivering atomic interactions with the graph for improved scalability.
  • ESR - External System Registry component
    Stretch goal for Beijing:
  • IM - Image Manager. CRUD of image files/metadata.


Deliverable NameDeliverable Description
Move to Active OpenSource Graph databaseA&AI is currently using titan which is not actively being developed . We want to explore and implement a replacement FOSS solution which is being actively developed.
GizmoExecutable. Atomic REST CRUD interface to graph database
A&AI resourcesExecutable.  REST CRUD interface to graph database
A&AI traversal

Executable.  REST Interface for complex queries

Data routerExecutable
OOM ConfigSource code - configuration recommendations for using AAI dockers in the OOM environments
IMExectuable - stretch goal


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