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Active and Available Inventory (AAI) is the ONAP subsystem that provides real-time views of Resources and Services and their relationships. AAI not only forms a registry of active, available, and assigned assets, it also maintains up-to-date views of the multidimensional relationships among these assets, including their relevance to different components of ONAP. 

This project targets a logically centralized reference point for service and resource details serving other ONAP components and non-ONAP systems to enable fulfillment, closed loop, reporting, and other operational use cases. A&AI is critical to ONAP as the existing sources of truth do not provide a cross domain view and are not designed to serve this information to multiple clients.

Contributing to AAI

Getting Started: Start with Getting Involved to join the LF and set up your ONAP development environment.  AAI repos can be checked out using ONAP gerrit: AAI in ONAP Gerrit

Feedback: You can provide feedback on the onap-discuss list, sign up here: ONAP Discuss List

Bug reports: AAI Jira

Contributing to AAI: Instructions on how to set up Gerrit is here: Configuring Gerrit.  Please join the onap-discuss list or attend AAI's weekly meetings for information on how you can help. 

Development Policies, Standards, and Coding

Approved Project Proposal

Release Planning

Casablanca Release

Beijing Release

Amsterdam Release