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  • Randa to update Resources and Repositories for Casablanca
  • Takamune Cho to investigate rationale for response of "unmet" to following question from CII Passing badge questionnaire.
    • The security mechanisms within the software produced by the project MUST use default keylengths that at least meet the NIST minimum requirements through the year 2030 (as stated in 2012). It MUST be possible to configure the software so that smaller keylengths are completely disabled.
  • Need to setup RocketChat so that team can collaborate.
    • onap-appc channel created, but folks will need to create an account first so that I can add you to the channel

Agenda & Notes:

  • Review planned scope, with special focus on:
    • Outstanding security items (
      • Strong passwords - crypto - Taka will investigate - see action item above
      • Password Encryption - strategy is to use NFS mount to store certs and passwords; prioritize OOM first, then Heat (Ryan prime)
        • Need to also update deployment documentation
      • Nexus IQ - Criticals & Highs (Taka prime) -
      • CDT needs to use HTTPS - see story created by Patrick
    • ConfigScaleOut use case - work will be led by Ericsson (Joss and Latish - prime)
      • Scott Blandford and Lauren Lewis are leading the use case and requirements discussion
      • Need to get involved in weekly ScaleOut call hosted by Scott Blandford on Tuesdays at 9AM EST; also Control Loop call on Wed at 10AM would be another good call to participate in
      • Epic: APPC-1036
      • Team collaborators: Ryan Young and Scott Seabolt for AAI,  need to identify someone for client library...
      • 2 key areas of focus:
        • doing away with configuration data coming in payload; need to retrieve it from sources, namely AAI in this case. Need to collaborate with SO, AAI, and SDNC.
        • Controller Type: In the Manual use case, this was being explicitly set via VID, but in the auto use case, Multiple proposed option being discussed:
          • Use Consul to do service discovery, when a controller starts up have it register with Consul.  It should add tags for the VNF type/category(some link to the model) it supports.  SO can query Consul to see what controller services are up and what they support.  Choose the appropriate service endpoint based on the response from Consul  This option was abandoned in favor of policy pointed to via Service Model.
          • Use Policy to define the controller type - discussed today on Control Loop call....Listen to recording from today's Control Loop call to hear valuable discussion on this topic - see above.
          • Area of impact for APPC: APPC Client Library, need to support new approach, but also maintain backwards compatibility.....
  • Review timeline (release calendar: Release Planning#CasablancaReleaseCalendar)
    • Development work runs from  June 28 - Sep 20 (assuming no date changes)
    • We work in 2 week sprints, so we have 6 sprints essentially
  • Review resources
    • Welcome to Ericsson! Officially signed up to participate in Casablanca release with 2 folks: Joss and Latish