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Harish Kajur, Robby Maharajh, William Reehil, CT Paterson, Steven Blimkie

mS Details

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Upon startup, these api s (below**) are used to get the latest schema from Schema-Service

  • There are 2 options whether to use the schema from Schema-Service or from local schema directory - at /opt/app/aai-resources (aai-traversal or aai-graphadmin)/appconfig/ - schema.translator.list=schema-service OR schema.translator.list=config · If = schema-service, get latest schema from SS (only when starting up)
  • If = config, use existing schema from local directory - /opt/app/aai-resources (aai-traversal or aai-graphadmin)/appconfig/schema (api should be working fine even if SS is down) **** There is no guarantee that schema version at local directory will be the same as in Schema-Service mS or get updated on the fly. A setting schema.translator.list= config should only be used in a very rare situation in case SS can t start up. **Ecomp (AAI-14983)

  • /aai/schema-service/v1/nodes?version={version}
  • /aai/schema-service/v1/edgerules?version={version}
  • /aai/schema-service/v1/versions
  • /aai/schema-service/v1/stored-queries

New Installation Requirement

  • Schema-Service has to be installed and started (in healthy status) before other mS.
  • If there is a new Schema-Service build installed; Resources, Traversal and Graphadmin mS needs to be restarted
  • Resources, Traversal and Graphadmin will fail to restart if Schema-Service is not up running (unless schema.translator.list=config

----- Everything Below was during the design/requirements phase of schema service ----------


  • Currently, changes in schema are delivered via new builds of microservices that consume them
  • Tracking and testing changes via new builds takes longer