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Table of Contents


General Guidelines and Structure


Repository Name: testsuite

See Configuring Gerrit


What to Put Where

Component Level Interactions

Code was originally written all in robot. In order to increase re-usability the target is to write this level of items in python code. This code is located in;a=tree;f=robotframework-onap;h=113e26102f4e9a3e729d46f0f1936d08de02045b;hb=refs/heads/master. However not all code has been ported there, but if it has you should be putting your changes there. If the component has not been ported, it will be in /robot/resources/<component>/whatever.robot or /robot/resources/<component>_<whatever>.robot and you can add/edit your items there. If you are making a new component, it should be created in the python library.

Testcase specific Keywords

Items that are not testcases and have some usability only within a single testsuite can we put in /robot/resources/

Testsuites and Testcases

All tests should be in /robot/testsuites. Since there are various reasons for splitting logically grouped items into separate files, please put them in a folder so that robot will show them together in the hierarchy. Certain tests like demos, orchestration, healthcheck and post init checks are already existing and should be put in their respective files

Writing Good Robot Tests

Read The Literature

You should follow the industry best practices for Robot Framework, a few good resources for that are

How To Write Good Test Cases

Testsuite Specific Items

  • Avoid passing command line argument global variables to scripts
    • Use environment variables instead or get necessary data in the testsuite. Variables passed that way are specific to the test script and usually lead to logic being written in the script to get them that is better suited to being in the robot script. For example, rather then doing a curl to get a value and pass it to Robot, do the equivalent get call in the Robot Script.
  • Avoid setting or reading global variables set by scripts.
    • Global state is very hard to set and also will most likely break when multiple tests are running in parallel.
  • Don't place `*** Keywords ***` sections in testsuite files.
    • Files with `*** Test Cases ***` in them should not contain `*** Keywords ***` since it is then very hard to reuse those keywords. You never know who will want to use them, perhaps even outside the project. Any keywords can be simply moved to the `resources` directory.
  • Do not use Evaluate
    • Check if there is relevant keyword provided in available libraries.
    • Check if somewhere else a keyword is provided that does what you need
    • If it really does not exist, you can write a python function based keyword in robotframework-onap that can be tested
  • Do not use Sleep
    • Sleep guarantees that your test will be at-least that slow. If you are waiting for something consider using 'Wait Until Keyword Succeeds' or use a for loop and something like 'Run Keyword And Return If'.