Development Guides are furnished separately for various components of ONAP. They describe developer-oriented topics such as how to obtain the source files, the organization of the source files, and implementation details. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are documented elsewhere. The Development Guides currently available are:

<<TODO: add more more development guides>>

Note: To develop autonomous code objects that run on the ONAP platform but are not part of ONAP itself, see the separate documentation as follows:

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  1. APPC <<DocRef: "Application Controller (APPC) Deployment Guide">> seems misisng.

      1. Hi Daniel Rose, Amaresh Kumar,

        I have deleted that reference, and there was already a bullet point with the documentation on how to build & deploy APP-C.



  2. The main idea of the ONAP on Vagrant tools to collects and automates the methods to provisioning development environment.  This tools has been included as part of the Integration project[1]. I support the idea of collecting the information in this wiki entry but I encourage to promote DevOps principles thru automation


  3. Hi SO Team,

    Can you please update this page with the SO development guide.It's very helpful to understand how the SO sub system is build to the beginners like me?