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Virtual Event

This event will be be a virtual hacking session focusing on the Guilin Release. The call with be open xx-xx UTC. 


  • Complete the list of existing documents (Guilin Documentation)
  • Add git project reference to list
  • Possible automation for list... (maybe via Jenkins)
  • Verify list with PTLs, if incomplete
Updated our Working Review List (Copy of Guilin Documentation (working version for reviews))
  • Put to TSC agenda to come up with a Release strategy.

  • Add for each project a release branch,....

Release requirement for documentation   

We need to create clear requirements for release documentation. Each project need to be aware of what's expected and this need to be tracked by the release manager.

Suggestion to create a table with projects categorised with associated documentation forming an initinal set of release documentation

Outdated/not maintained content

In order to keep track of releases and ensure that the documentation is structured well outdated content need to be removed. It is very hard to keep track, support and perform reviews with lots of content that is not longer relevant.

The project suggest to create a wiki page where we keep track outdated links and content that has not been updated during previous releases. This would be a longterm exercise with recurrent sync with the TSC for approval of removing such pages. 

Action points

Date and Time

Time zoneDateTimeParticipants
CETSeptember 30th13:00-16:30

Sofia Wallin (moderator)

EDTSeptember 30th

PSTSeptember 30th