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Tracking Table

Project Name

Document TitlePart of

Document Owner

(name - use @ notation)

Current Document State (as of M1)


  • New
  • Maintained

Activity Planned for Release


  • Initial Publication
  • Major Update
  • Minor Update
  • No Change

Preliminary Documentation

New docs or new projects ONLY 

(enter "N/A" if not applicable, or link to gerrit if completed)

Attended Doc Hackathon 1 on <date>

(Document owner must attend at least one hackathon)

(fill in green checkmark (tick) if attended)

Attended Doc Hackathon 2 on <date>

(Document owner must attend at least one hackathon)

(fill in green checkmark (tick) if attended)

Link to Final Documentation in ReadTheDocs (stable/guilin branch)

Reviewed by the doc project (reviewed means release related content. Such as release notes and release name were applicable)

By best effort! 




CLAMPArchitecture(tick) UpdateN/A

CLAMPRelease Notes(tick)

POLICYArchitecture(tick) UpdateN/A

POLICYOffered APIs(tick) UpdateN/A

POLICYDevelopment Guide(tick) UpdateN/A

POLICYRelease Notes(tick)

POLICYPolicy Engine(minus)

HOLMESArchitecture(tick) ChangeN/A

HOLMESOffered APIs(tick) ChangeN/A

HOLMESConsumed APIs(tick) UpdateN/A

HOLMESInstallation(tick) UpdateN/A

HOLMESRelease Notes(tick)

HOLMESEngine Management(tick)

(tick) UpdateN/A

Offered APIs
(tick) UpdateN/A

Release Notes

Modelling Specifications(tick) Yang

Release Notes(tick) Yang

ModellingTosca Parsers(minus)

OOFArchitecture (HAS)(tick) UpdateN/A

OOFOffered APIs (HAS)(tick) UpdateN/A

OOFRelease Notes (HAS)(tick) UpdateN/A

OOFArchitecture (OSDF)(tick)

OOFOffered APIs (OSDF)(tick)

OOFRelease Notes (OSDF)(tick)

OOFArchitecture (CMSO)(tick)

OOFOffered APIs (CMSO)(tick)

OOFRelease Notes (CMSO)(tick)

VFCOffered APIs(tick) UpdateN/A

VFCRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

VFCVNFM drivers(minus) Linked

SOArchitecture(tick) UpdateN/A

SOOffered APIs(tick) UpdateN/A

SODevelopment Guide(tick) UpdateN/A

SOSO Client Libraries(question)

VIDRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

VIDSwagger API(tick)

Ittay Stern , automatically generated

MaintainedNo ChangeN/A

VIDUser Guide(tick) ChangeN/A

Usecase UIRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

Usecase UIUser Guide(tick) UpdateN/A

Usecase UIInstallation Guide(tick) ChangeN/A

SDCArchitecture(tick) UpdateN/A

SDCRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

SDCWorkflow Designer(minus)

SDCTOSCA Parser(minus)

SDCDistribution Client(minus)

SDCDocker Base(minus)

AAIOffered APIs(tick) Update

AAIAAI REST API(tick) Update

AAIRelease Notes(tick) Update

AAIESR GUI(question)

AAIESR Server(question)

AAISparky BE Server(question)


Event Client Documentation Repository


IntegrationRelease Notes(tick) UpdateRelease Notes not in Guide

IntegrationUser Guide including use case documentation(tick)

MaintainedMinor Update

IntegrationTest Developer Guide(minus)

NewInitial Publication

MultiCloudArchitecture(tick) ChangeN/A

MultiCloudREST API(tick) ChangeN/A

MultiCloudUser Guide(tick) ChangeN/A

MultilCloudRelease Notes(tick)

MultiCloudKubernetes Plugin (minus) Linked in DOCEric Multanen


ONAP CLIRelease notes(tick) updatesN/A


release notes


(tick) updatesN/A

DCAEArchitecture(tick) Update

DCAERelease Notes(tick) Update

DCAEOffered API's(tick) Update

DCAEConsumed API's(tick) Update


MOD User guide

(tick) Update

DCAEDCAE Service Components(tick) Update on existing components + new Guilin components

VVPVVP Documentation(tick) linked in DOCs ...MaintainedMinor UpdateN/A

VNFRQTSProvider Docs(tick) Update

VNFRQTSVNF Guidelines(tick)

VNFRQTSVNF/PNF Requirement(tick)

VNFRQTSVNF Testcases(tick)

VNFRQTSVNF Usecases(tick)

VNFRQTSRelease notes(tick)

DMAAPArchitecture and Usage(tick) ChangeN/A

DMAAPRelease Notes(tick) ChangeN/A

DMAAPData Controller API(tick)

DMAAPData Router(tick)

DMAAPMessage Router(tick)

PORTALRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

CCSDKCDS User Guide(tick) updateN/A

CCSDKRelease Notes(tick) updateN/A

CCSDKCommon Controller Dashboard(question)

CCSDKCCSDK Platform Plugins(question)




SDNCOffered APIs(tick) Update

SDNCRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

DOCRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/A

DOCLanding page(tick) UpdateN/A

DOCComposite release note(tick) UpdateN/A

DOCONAP User Guides(tick) UpdateN/A

DOCONAP Operation Guides(tick) UpdateN/A

DOCRST Templates(tick)

DOCDOC Developer Guide(tick)

(ARC SubCom)
API Reference(tick)

Architecture SC ? Chaker Al-Hakim

DOCONAP Tutorials(question)

DOCONAP Component Document Index(tick)

(ARC SubCom)
ONAP Architecture(tick)

Architecture SC ? Chaker Al-Hakim

(ARC SubCom)
ONAP Overview(tick) SC ? 

OOMSetup Guide(tick) UpdateN/A

OOMRelease Notes(tick) UpdateN/ARelease Notes not in Guide

OOMCertification Service(tick)

OOMCertification Service
(tick) linked !!?

OOMOffline Installer(tick)

EXTAPIArchitecture(tick) ChangeN/A

EXTAPIOffered APIs(tick) UpdateN/A

EXTAPIConsumed APIs(tick) UpdateN/A

EXTAPIInstallation(tick) ChangeN/A

EXTAPIDeveloper Guide(tick) ChangeN/A

EXTAPIRelease Notes(tick)

MSBArchitecture(tick) ChangeN/A

MSBOffered APIs(tick) ChangeN/A

MSBConsumed APIs(tick) ChangeN/A

MSBInstallation(tick) No ChangeN/A

MSBRelease Notes(tick)

MSBSwagger API(minus)

MSBJava SDK(minus)


APPCAPPC Deployment(tick)

APPCAPPC Documentation(tick)

AAFApplication Authorization Framework(tick)

AAFSecret Management Service(tick)

AAFCertification Service(question)

LoggingLogging Guide(question)

MUSICDeveloper Doc(minus)

MUSICDistributed KV Store(minus)

SEC SubCom

ONAP Security Advisories


??Oparent CIA(minus)




  1. Find JIRA task attached to M1 Epic for your project, if you haven't already done so.
  2. In the table above, fill in
    • project name
    • doc title,
    • doc owner (use Confluence @ notation for name, e.g., David McBride)
    • current doc state
    • activity planned for release
  3. Update status of JIRA task as Done


  1. Find JIRA task attached to M2 Epic for your project, if you haven't already done so.
  2. Note that this task applies to new documents only (i.e., "New" in Current Document State column).  If this is not a new document, just enter "N/A" in the Preliminary Documentation Completed column in the table above.
  3. For new documents, at a minimum create a placeholder document (e.g., document with a title, or an outline), and commit to the repo. Add a link to the gerrit to the Preliminary Documentation column in the table above.
  4. Update the status of the JIRA task as Done.

Post M4

  1. Find the dates for the two documentation hackathons.
  2. The document owner should plan on attending at least one of the two hackathons.
  3. Enter a green checkmark in the appropriate column in the table above for the hackathon that was attended.


  1. Find JIRA task attached to RC0 Epic for your project, if you haven't already done so.
  2. Add a link to the document in ReadTheDocs in the appropriate column in the table above.
  3. Update the status of the JIRA task as Done.

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