Contributor's Name: Anderson Ribeiro

Contributor's LFID:  aribeiro

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Anderson is part of the contributors assigned to assist in the SDC project. He has been working with the ONAP project, more specifically in SDC, since May 2019, although he has contributed with other projects in the ONAP stack as well along the way. His work has affected various parts of the system, from the front-end to the back-end, integration and deployment.


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Christophe ClossetChrisC
AT&Tchristophe.closset@intl.att.comBrussels. UTC +1

Ilana Paktorilanap
Amdocsilanap@amdocs.comRaanana, Israel. UTC +3

Sebastien Determesebdet
AT&Tsebastien.determe@intl.att.comBrussels. UTC +1

Xue Gaoxuegao
AT&Txue.gao@intl.att.comBrussels. UTC +1

Vasyl Razinkovvasraz
Ericssonvasyl.razinkov@est.techAthlone. UTC

André Schmidandre.schmid
Ericssonandre.schmid@est.techAthlone, Ireland. UTC

Michael Morrismichael.morris
Ericssonmichael.morris@est.techAthlone, Ireland. UTC

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Release Components Name

sdcsdcorg.onap.sdcSDC Parent Project Catalog FE and BE
sdc-be-commonsdc/sdc-be-commonorg.onap.sdc.sdc-be-commonA common BE library across SDC modules
sdc-dockers-basesdc/sdc-docker-baseorg.onap.sdc.sdc-docker-baseSDC base docker creation project
sdc-pubsubsdc/sdc-pubsuborg.onap.sdc.sdc-pubsubPublish Subscribe library using post message for sdc plugins.
sdc-toscasdc/sdc-toscaorg.onap.sdc.sdc-toscaA TOSCA parser, based on JTOSCA generic parser and complying with the ONAP SDC TOSCA model
sdc-vnfdesignsdc/sdc-vnfdesignorg.onap.sdc.sdc-vnfdesignA graphic design tool for TOSCA based VNF
sdc-workflowdesignsdc/sdc-workflow-designerorg.onap.sdc.sdc-workflow-designerA graphic design tool for service life cycle management workflow design
sdc-distribution-clientsdc/sdc-distribution-clientorg.onap.sdc.sdc-distribution-clientSDC Distribution Client