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Link(s) demonstrating the Contributor's established history of meritocratic contributions to the project: 

  • Active participation in project or subcommittee meetings: 

  • Wiki and documentation contributions (provide links to evidences)

  • JIRA activity

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        As a Reporter


  • Gerrit Code contributions 


  • Active participation in sprint & milestone planning

List of current Committers (as documented here: Resources and Repositories (Deprecated) )

Vijay Venkatesh Kumar


Tony Hansen

Jack Lucas

Remigiusz Janeczek


Joanna Jeremicz

Tomasz Wróbel


Link documenting the existing Committers voting in favor of promoting the Contributor:  
Examples include project team meeting minutes, archived mailing list threads or email threads uploaded as an attachment to the wiki

Repositories the new Committer should be granted permissions to: 

  • All dcaegen2 repositories