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Target Release NameJakarta
Project Lifecycle StateMature
Participating Company 

AT&T, Bell Canada, Ericsson


What is this release trying to address?

The Policy Framework is a mature project. The theme of the work in Jakarta is "consolidation". We are improving the non-functional aspects of the project by improving performance, resilience and maintenance. We are also consolidating the Policy/CLAMP project merges.


There is one formal requirement on the Policy Framework project in Jakarta

REQ-994 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Minimum Viable Product

The Policy Framework will be maintained as a minimum viable product on the master branch for the entirety of this project.


The project has the following epics:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Longer term roadmap

As the Policy Framework is a mature project, we will continue to evolve and enhance the framework. The medium to long term focus is on scalability and resilience.

Release Deliverables

See Policy Framework Project: Component Versions.


See Policy Framework Project: Component Versions.


High level architecture diagram

See the Policy Framework Architecture page in the ONAP documentation.

Architecture Subcommittee Review

The Architecture Subcommittee review was held on the 25th of January 2021, see  ONAPARC-725 - Getting issue details... STATUS and  POLICY-3853 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Slides presented to ARCHCOM

The Architecture Subcommittee approved the Policy Framework Jakarta development as presented.


  1. Prepare a wiki page describing the impact of removal of Cloudify support in policy-clamp, advising Control Loop owners of what actions they need to carry out.
  2. Inform all projects and Control Loop (use case) owners of removal of Cloudify support and refer them to the wiki page.

Platform Maturity

See Jakarta Release Platform Maturity,

API Incoming Dependencies

No change expected.

API Outgoing Dependencies

No change expected.

Third Party Products Dependencies

No change expected.

Testing and Integration Plans

Testing will follow the processes and plans described in the Policy Platform Development page in the ONAP Policy Framework documentation.


No gaps identified at present.

Release Milestone

The milestones are defined at the Release Level and all the supporting project agreed to comply with these dates.

Other Information

Vendor Neutral

If this project is coming from an existing proprietary codebase, ensure that all proprietary trademarks, logos, product names, etc. have been removed. All ONAP deliverables must comply with this rule and be agnostic of any proprietary symbols.

Free and Open Source Software

FOSS activities are critical to the delivery of the whole ONAP initiative. The information may not be fully available at Release Planning, however to avoid late refactoring, it is critical to accomplish this task as early as possible.
List all third party Free and Open Source Software used within the release and provide License type (BSD, MIT, Apache, GNU GPL,... ).
In the case non Apache License are found inform immediately the TSC and the Release Manager and document your reasoning on why you believe we can use a non Apache version 2 license.

Each project must edit its project table available at Project FOSS.

Charter Compliance

The project team comply with the ONAP Charter.

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