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A list of Committers for a new ONAP Project is provided by the initial Project owner as part of the Project Proposal Template which is presented to the TSC for approval.  
The specific wiki version of the Proposal at the time the Project is approved by the TSC defines the actual list of Committers approved for that project.

From that point on a Committer can voluntarily step down from a Project her/himself with a simple email to the the PTL cc'd to the onap-tsc mailing list. All that is required in this situation is for the PTL to ask the LF to change permissions on the repository.  

However adding a new Committer or removing a Committer once the Project is approved is governed by Section 3.2.2 of the ONAP Technical Community Document

The Charter has the official language and specific details that must be adhered to, but in a nutshell it works like this:

Adding a Committer:   Committer Request Template

  • The sitting Committers vote for a member of the community to be promoted based upon contribution to the project (documentation in the form of an email thread or meeting minutes required).
  • The PTL submits a request to the ONAP Infratructure Coordinator ( indicating the person, their email, Linux Foundation ID (LFID), and what repositories they should become committers on.
  • The ONAP Infratructure Coordinator reviews the completeness and accuracy of the evidences and follows up with Linux Foundation for execution.

Removing a Committer:

  • A Committer may voluntarily resign by informing the PTL and sending email to the onap-tsc list.
  • A Committer can be removed by a PTL under the following conditions. The PTL is responsible for informing the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of any committers who are removed via the ONAP-TSC email
    • Demonstrated failure of the Committer to effectively perform her/his duties for an extended period of time (6 months or more).
    • A Committer has proven to be disruptive to the project in the performance of his/her duties. (documentation in the form of an email thread or meeting minutes is required).
  • A Committer can be removed by a 2/3rds vote of the sitting Committers vote to remove the Committer (documentation in the form of an email thread or meeting minutes is required).

  • After notifying the TSC, the PTL requests by email to the ONAP Infratructure Coordinator ( to remove the committer rights for the individual. Please include the committer name, email, LFID and list of repo(s) that the individual should be removed from.