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This user story relates to CPS-1001 Add CPS-E-05 endpoint for 'Read data, NCMP-Operational Datastore'

Redirect request to CPS-Core (Using java interface) with dataspace 'NCMP-CmHandle-Operational-Data' 


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1Proposed Rest endpoint to read data "http://{cnmpHostName}:{ncmpPost}/ncmp/v1/ch/{cm-handle}/data/ds/ncmp-datastores:operational (Hardcoded)"

/ds is datastore

/../ncmp-datastores:operational (Hardcoded)

2Will be using GET http methods to expose rest endpoint ?
Yes, as per current passtrough equivalent endpoints
3What if restendpoint contains  ../options ?

Team preference: Ignore if it is there in endpoint.

[ Kieran ] NCMP cannot interpret options.  This was added for passthrough case.  Suggest to ignore 'options'

4 Do we need to append "?xpath=/" with proposed rest endpoint to fetch root elements or should it be added while redirecting to cps core(using java interface)? As per original Implementation Proposal/StudyUse "?resourceIdentifier=/" that would be mapped to xpath.
5 Do we need to append "&include-descendants=true/false" with rest endpoint or should be added while redirecting to cps core(using java interface)?

CPS-Core does support a &include-descendants query parameter

[ Kieran ] It would be good to include this as a new parameter in the NCMP URI.  Behavior should be that the default if omitted from URI  is 'false' meaning no decendants returned in the default case.

6Do we need to support only RootXpath or can accept xpath from endpoint to filter result ?
Support any xpath in this scope.
xpath (resourceIdentifier)  is compulsory
7To query/redirect to cps core we need 3 or 4 attributes  how it would be mapped?
CPS CoreNCMPValue-Mapping
dataspaceName datastoreName 

"ncmp-datastores:operational" →  "NFP-Operational"

anchorName cm-handle-idN/A
8If we pass topic query param with this endpoint should we use async ? Probably, but implement as separate user story with  different (lower) priority ?!

[ Kieran ] For now we can do this as a separate story.   Sourabh Sourabh / Toine Siebelink, can you raise a step/story to capture this so it is not missed.
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Note : CPS Core java interface :

 public ResponseEntity<Object> getNodeByDataspaceAndAnchor(final String dataspaceName, final String anchorName, final String xpath, final Boolean includeDescendants)

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