CPS-1312 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CPS-1307 - Getting issue details... STATUS


1There will be separate short and long term solutions
2ETH wil provide SQL transformation statements (including rollback)
with help from CPS Team re. dmi-registry model updates

Issues & Decisions





1Short term solution will be delivered on 'latest branchNOT in any specific commit/version mention in original bug

Agreed in meeting with stakeholders on  

2Where to Store Version NumberDatabase/ Liquibase
(Liquibase not possible for NCMP)
CPS-Core Liquibase as 'id' field which act as vessio. Current id/version is 15
see changelog/db/changes/15-rename-column-yang-resource-table.yaml

Tony Finnerty and team agreed that Liquibase 'Change set ID' can be used CPS (schema) Version

3Does NCMP need (separate) version number from CPS-CoreLongterm: For the purpose of data-transformation the dmi-registry revision can be used to control upgrades in NCMP
4Where to trigger implement upgrade action


  1. Init container 
  2. kubernetes - hooks
  3. SpringBoot lifecycle events
  4. Liquibase step 16

Developer agreed on Liquibase step 16 (depending issue #7)

5What Dmi-registry yangmodel version we need to upgrade FROM and TO (latest) 

Relate commit message:;a=commit;h=7914c8924723092345e8b4d829f15d2a3a5c72c8

Was the data compatibility issue introduced by changelog/db/changes/14-loadData-dmi-registry-2022-05-10-schema-set.yaml

Luke Gleeson will found out  and share with ETH team 

6Technical debt: dmi-registry is installed as part of liquibase steps in CPS-Core. Can solution build upon this technical debtAdd liquibase steps in CPS instead of a NVCMP only solution 

 Tony Finnerty and team agreed to use Liquibase steps for short term solution.

But long term solution need to address this technical debt before any further update to the NCMP schema (registry model)

Check with Tony Finnerty 

7Do we need to worry about rollback requires specific statements to execute rollback
  • Rollback: immediata revert to previous state of DB before upgrade
  • Downgrade: revert to a previous DB schema (and yand models) after using it for a while and data has been modified since last upgrade. 

Team and stakeholder agreed rollback support is required in case upgrade fails at customer

8Size of customer data, can transformation cause delay/startup problems

kieran mccarthy estimates actual customer less then 1,000 nodes. 

Luke Gleeson and Toine Siebelink  agreed this solution should be tested with at least 1,000 registration in the DB (and communicate this with ETH. ETH should probably test it to because of their specific Helm configuration)

9Describe/document upgrade and rollback procedures?Is this needed or handle as part of orchestration install/upgrade procedures

Luke Gleeson and Toine Siebelink agreed, No, this should be part of standard kubernetes upgrade procedure and Liquibase should do its job (which wil be verified anyway, see decision #8)

Short Term Solution

  1. Use Liquibase ID as CPS & NCMP 'version'
  2. Add Liquibase step 16 with a 'reversible''dummy' transformation
  3. Test liquibase upgrade
  4. Test liquibase rollback

Long Term Solution (out of scope)

  • Resolve technical debt about CPS-Core installing and upgrading NCMP models and data
  • Consider Downgrade
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