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When: Wednesdays  (weekly) 13:00-14:00 Irish Standard Time


OrganizerToine Siebelink

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Please continue to Configuration Persistence Service Montreal Meeting Notes & Recordings


  • Lukasz Rajewski Discuss use of cpsPath for get operations (instead of absolute xpath support only)
    • Toine Siebelink explain the core reasons for NOT combining these 
      • Architecture design to separate 'get' from 'query' functionality: Client should be aware what they use when
      • Although xPath and cpsPath can look very similar the cost and complexity of processing a cpsPath is order of magnitude higher
      • xpath cannot easily be distinguished from  valid cpsPath unless the model is parsed too which again would lead to additional cost to support both on the same interface. 
      • Operation that modify the data will only support xPath too. This is again an architecture decision that is based on best practice, scalability and transparency.  If the get operations would support cpsPath the same would be expected for the operations that modify data too and would violate the aforementioned principles.
  • Lukasz Rajewski  asked about CPS → CPS Temporal notifications , performance effects
    • Delta interesting but prefer to use dataspace/datatores in future for this instead of CPS Temporal
    • Support with disabling notifications dataspace, details to be forwarded to Arne Chrestin 
  • Ahila P write operations performance was not prioritized in London release instead the focus was on read operations and some queries.  In Montreal we wil shift toward optimizing write operations too. But the team is short on resources and have a large backlog. David Terwilliger  will try to get additional resourcing for the CPS team.  Ahila will create requirement Jira for optimizing write operations. 
  • Ahila P  Pagination wil be progressed by DT/Tech Mahindra (also need tracking JIra for R13/Montreal)
  • SoftwareStatus
    • London Branches have been created for CPS Repos, teams can start working on Montreal (master branch)  
    • CPS-1582 and CPS-1580 need to be dropped back to London





  • SoftwareStatus
  • Introducing Anirban Bhattacharjee Product Owner for CPS
  • CI (docs) Build issue status
    • Ongoing CI Team aware troubleshooting ongoing
    • CPS Team can IGNORE this (new) job for now as long as all other jobs pass any Comitter can delete the -1 from CI Build and set Verify to +1 instead if need to merge pending commits


  • SoftwareStatus
    • CPS-1497 - Getting issue details... STATUS Discussed model proposal with team and recorded  in Jira description
  • Luke Gleeson demo the forwarding of subscription create events to DMI Plugins CPS-1431 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Happy flow looks good (smile)
    • Kafka configured to create non-existing topic on the fly so could not demo required behavior as per AC
    • Need update to handle non-existing cm-handles (possible  separate commit)
    • user story wil be demoed again when all negative scenarios are covered too



  • Arpit Singh will present study: Support CPS Core Patch operation for multiple data nodes
    1. Two top element trees, patch using xpath /, error reported. Although support would be 'nice' there is no urgency. Need to check with DT stakeholder re. priority
    2. Two top elements but no children just leafs, works partially (only one tree would be updated,a s expected).  Expecting such simple model is unlikely and fixing 1. above should fix this too 
    3. List example problem is unclear, needs to be updated. It seems unrelated to multiple root scenario and possible legacy issue(bug). Arpit Singh will separate this into a bug on its own. 
  • SoftwareStatus
  • Rudrangi Anupriya presented on some early suggestion for supporting 'contains' operations, see CPS-1272 Support for contains in cps-path
    • Anupryia will expand example in a table to make it more clear. 
    • Before any further investigation Postgress JsonB query support for this should be investigated



  • SoftwareStatus
    • CPS-1433 - Getting issue details... STATUS model change required. Lee Anjella Macabuhay has tried to organize meeting with Ahilla and Robert Vagra but Robert is hard to get. In any case Andras has been able to use the given model with the recommended fix in the latest version of CPS to do further performance testing as part of CPS-1475 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Toine Siebelink demonstrated in a bit mode detail the instrumentation introduced by CPS-1457 - Getting issue details... STATUS sample results can be seen here: NCMP De-Register API Performance#Instrumentationsample
    • CPS-1477 - Getting issue details... STATUS Arne Chrestin has provide small fix and CPS team wil review and merge later today if possible.
  • Ahila P reported some progress on performance testing with some possible changes. Toine Siebelink will call meeting early next week to coordinate her and CPS team's efforts



Please note new schedule (moved to Wednesday), see onap-meetings calendar

  • SoftwareStatus
  • Backlog Grooming (only develop team present, took the opportunity to groom some upcoming stories)
  • Sourabh Sourabh  and Daniel Hanrahan  presented delete Performance, preliminary results
    • See NCMP De-Register API Performance 
      • Native Query 10-20x improvement but not meeting requirement
      • Delete performance not linear: more nodes slower
      • Tested up to about 2,300 cm handles which is the highest feasible given the current performance
    • Delete-by-batch is in progress and it is hope that will give the required boost. Hopefully can be demonstrated/reported next week


Meeting cancelled, no attendance bar development team 


  • SoftwareStatus
    • New bug  CPS-1446 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Toine will triage 
    • Lee Anjella Macabuhay  still confusion about bug CPS-1433 - Getting issue details... STATUS Ahila P believes it is a ODL parser issue and that the model used to parse with teh previous version of ODL. Lee-Anjelle will double check and then organise a follow up meeting
  • Sourabh Sourabh demo CPS-1443 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Currently used different 3pp for add 'timer' Might change to client instead and use 'Histogram'
    • User story   CPS-1445 - Getting issue details... STATUS will introduce some critical times and counters
  • Arpit Singh demo CPS-341 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • looks good
    • get in progress
    • more impacts are planned
    • add test plan for unforseen impacts


  • Milestone update: Release Planning: London
  • SoftwareStatus
    • CSP-1409 to be confirmed. 
    • Meeting next week re. performance
  • Discussion on payload for get node APIs Arpit Singh 
  • Ahila P presented more performance test findings:
    • see CPS-Core Read & Write (large load) Test Results 
    • Increasing Heap Memory from 30 GB to 100MB dus allow to achieve more nodes to be stores (from 500 to 1000)
      • Threaddumps show many Kafka (?!) and Hazelcast thread waiting
    • Increasing threads to 60, decreased performance.
    • Suggestions for further testing:
      • Disable CPS-Temporal notifications by configuring dataspace filter:"NON-EXISTING-DATASPACE"
      • 5 parallel client threads instead of 60


  • rajesh kumar to present/discuss CPS-1377: Investigate CPS Path search over multiple anchors under one dataspace
    • Proposal look good but Toine would like to see
      • Comparison with existing anchor based query endpoint
      • Response structure proposal using high level structure model beside a details (separate example)
      • 3rd and prefered option seems not correct missing key value pairs and array definition to hold anchor details
  • SoftwareStatus
  • Ahila P discuss performance issues
    • goal: 50,000 x 1920 Fragments!
    • max about 500 nodes (1 request with 1node at the time (no delays at the moment)
    • crashes during read & write operations
    • 1 instance using 10CPUs  (max is 12) 16Gb memory
    • Ahila P will schedule meeting next week to discuss in more detail and how to proceed
  • N.K. Shankaranarayanan  discuss VES Event handling and updates for primary and secondary  model. 
    • ONAP DMI PLugin can handle Primary updates listen to VES events
    • But NCMP nor DMI can decide make secondary model changes. At best send event about primary model changes
  • Future meetings this Meeting
    • NO meeting on Friday Dec 23rd
    • Toine can no longer host this meeting on Fridays and proposed in 2023 this meeting will move to Thursdays same time, Toine wil send e-mail to confirm


  • SoftwareStatus
    • Lee Anjella Macabuhay  ODL 8 upgraded completed. ODL 9 requires Java 17 (are on 11) Need to investigate...
    • RTDv3 CI Jobs are failing this is a know issue . CSIT (in CI) should be OK. If for a given commit only the RTDv jobs fails and there are no RTD changes that commit can be approved (Toine Siebelink can set the verify flag  +1 if needed). Toint to check teh status of the related fix with LNF support: Matthew Watkins 
    • Levente Csanyi reported issues with the performance tests in Nordix CI. It might just be the time limits are to close and teh variation is too large. Levent will check
  • rajesh kumar updates on
    • API Version handling proposal  OpenApi / Swagger UI
      • apiVersion for any method that support both versions

      • hardcode v1 or v2 when needed 

    • Output imitation using 'depth' parameter
      • agreed on v2 version of method (document affected methods) with just 1 parameter: 'descendants' (type string). Suggested acceptable values 'true',' false', 'all', 'nono' (case insensitive)  number '0' and any positive integer value


  • Status External Commits:
  • London Milestone Status
    • M1 Due CPS Requirements (jira) need to exist by then (not committed)
  • Update on OpenApi multiple version support Luke Gleeson 
    • Still not working reached out to community for help
  • N.K. Shankaranarayanan  discuss state of CPS and revisit CM Notification Handling (by CPS?)
    • RAN CM Changes VES Message (Virtual-function Event Stream) → VES Collector, Ves Processor ? VES Notification has Yang payload
    • Status NCMP: Data can be cached, Performance, Event Consumption on Backlog (via DMI)
    • RAN VES Event needs to have some id that can be translated to a CM Handle ID
    • ONAP DMI PLugin would take role of CM-VES Parser (high Volume!)
    • TBDMT Not needed if Yang daat in NCMP uses same model as device
    • Freshness of data is relevant too, Tony Finnerty and Lukasz Rajewski like to explore this further
    • Shankar will write requirement on ONAP DMI Plugin


  • Discuss PreFix proposal Ahila P 
    Postponed to dedicated meeting next week
  • Discuss API Versioning issues/possible strategies
    • Not quite ready to discuss API version strategy
    • Re. Open API Swagger UI rendering issue following approaches wil be tried and reported on next week
      • Small completely new Open API 3.0 yaml file test with Swagger UI testing one unchanged URL and one URI which has 2 versions
      • Spit v1 and v2 API into 2 files with some duplication
  • Michał Jagiełło will demonstrate CPS-1257 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Create use-case using XML
    • Insert use-case XML (add to list)
    • Validation of model demonstrated by changing top level node name
    • Some concern about ':'  in front of shops, prefix blank? Michał Jagiełło wil check
    • What about read, put? Not really needed
  • SoftwareStatus





  • SoftwareStatus
  • Progress Update CPS-1301: Insert Module Prefixes
  • Project Milestones
    • Kohn RC passed (big grin)
    • Release Planning: London No M1 tasks yet,. But please do start adding CPS requirements in Jira to help planning for London
  • Michał Jagiełło updates 
    • XML Issue: data-wrapper required by XML. Will try to Poc Wrap/Unwrap with data as needed, communicate with ODL community about ODL support to automatically wrap it as part of parsing
    • Jakarta fix, build issue Luke Gleeson ssuspec CSIT depend on a now deleted image. Will contact Michal next week.



  • Approaches to CPS-1301 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Ahila P explained their requirements for prefixes and showed some preliminary code changes. Also indicated they need a 'short-term' fix before a a ore costly 'long term' solution
    • Agreed the following
      • Sourabh Sourabh will just fix the related performance issue  CPS-1326 - Getting issue details... STATUS  without changing any of the functionality issue
      • CPS-1344 - Getting issue details... STATUS is created to ensure the first prefix is correct
      • Long term solution needs proper DB backed implementation to allow for quick acces to module information from any fragment
      • quite a few more details were discussed and issues raised, Toine Siebelink will create an Proposal Page with a list of 'open issues': 
        CPS-1301: Insert Module Prefixes
      • Toine Siebelink will call meeting with interested parties next week to discuss the issues, ensure agreement in communities and see how best to proceed implement a short term and a long term solution
  • Kohn Milestone Status (RC)
    • No immediate action required all task assigned or already done
  • SoftwareStatus



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