In OOM, many of us use Rancher to deploy Kubernetes to run ONAP.

Recently, I've had to update my lab environment from Rancher and Kubernetes 1.5 to rancher to v1.6 in order to upgrade the Kubernetes stack to v1.7.   I followed the steps on the Rancher website with 1 minor tweak: I used the rancher/server:stable image tag instead of latest

My rancher server container name was pensive_saha

docker stop pensive_saha
docker create --volumes-from pensive_saha --name rancher-data rancher/server:stable
docker pull rancher/server:stable
docker run -d --volumes-from rancher-data --restart=unless-stopped -p 8080:8080 rancher/server:stable

Once the server is back up, navigate to the rancher web page and navigate to Kubernetes > Infrastructure Stacks.

The "Up to date" button shown below, will say "Upgrade Available" for each stack. 

For each stack component, hit the button and select the most recent template from drop down, leave any input fields as their default and choose "Upgrade". 

Example: upgrading the healthcheck service stack

Rancher will do its thing to each K8s stack component and after it is done there will be a button that says "Complete upgrade".  Click that and the upgrade of the stack component will be complete.

You can now move on to the next component.

Once all stack status is "Green", the upgrade is complete.

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