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Finish documentation based on Logging User Guide - Mike - 20171013 (doc repo merged, waiting on committer merge on logging repo -  LOG-49 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

ELK deployment internal discussions  - Dave

Discuss backlog when Luke gets back - Mike

Ask about logstash work in the queue with committers - Shane

Q: about lab access - see Trying my access now via

PTL TSC meet Meeting @ Weekly from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday (PDT) - Mike

Doc meet - [doc] project - special weekly meeting @ Tue Oct 10, 2017 5pm - 6pm (PDT)  - Mike

20171013: SDC filebeat issue fixed in  OOM-359 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - verifying ELK stack and if similar fix required in AAI - retest



OOM-359 - SDC logback chef failure SUBMITTED

SDC-451 - SDC Healthcheck 500 on K8S 20171008 IN PROGRESS

and some of

OOM-110 - OOM ONAP Logging - Elastic Stack components deployment CLOSED

20171012: RC0 checklist missing - Project Status in Amsterdam Release

29171013: description metadata missing from gerritt -

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