Contributor's Name: Francisco Javier Paradela Vila

Contributor's LFID:  franciscovila

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Michael MorrisMichaelMorris
Ericssonmichael.morris@est.techAthlone. UTC

Vasyl Razinkovvasraz
Ericssonvasyl.razinkov@est.techAthlone. UTC

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Release Components Name

sdcsdcorg.onap.sdcSDC Parent Project Catalog FE and BE
sdc-be-commonsdc/sdc-be-commonorg.onap.sdc.sdc-be-commonA common BE library across SDC modules
sdc-dockers-basesdc/sdc-docker-baseorg.onap.sdc.sdc-docker-baseSDC base docker creation project
sdc-pubsubsdc/sdc-pubsuborg.onap.sdc.sdc-pubsubPublish Subscribe library using post message for sdc plugins.
sdc-toscasdc/sdc-toscaorg.onap.sdc.sdc-toscaA TOSCA parser, based on JTOSCA generic parser and complying with the ONAP SDC TOSCA model
sdc-vnfdesignsdc/sdc-vnfdesignorg.onap.sdc.sdc-vnfdesignA graphic design tool for TOSCA based VNF
sdc-workflowdesignsdc/sdc-workflow-designerorg.onap.sdc.sdc-workflow-designerA graphic design tool for service life cycle management workflow design
sdc-distribution-clientsdc/sdc-distribution-clientorg.onap.sdc.sdc-distribution-clientSDC Distribution Client